Strange Attitude

Nice win last night; Lowe wasn’t as sharp as his line may indicate, but you really can’t complain too much about that. Seattle loses, so the WC lead is increased…Yanks get by Detroit in late innings, so the East deficit remains the same.

More strangeness from Little today:

“When we bring guys in from that bullpen and there is a little trouble started after they get into the game, we’re not in a position where we can leave that person out there to get himself out of it at this point in the season,” Little said. “We’ll be pretty quick to pull the trigger to see if we can find the right guy.” HEUSCHKEL are deciding this now; on September 9th. Great.

Oh; and if you were to ask me who the team MVP is this year, I would have a REALLY hard time choosing between Ortiz and Mueller right now. If you’ve ever been to Camden Yards, you’ve seen the little plaques out by Eutaw Street that show homers that completely left the yard. Well, thanks to Ortiz, there will be a new one there.

Afternoon game today; Pedro at 3:05.

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