Wrong Attitude

Anybody who has read this site more than a few times knows that I’m really not one for overreacting to one particluar game. I’m also not one to be overly critical of the manager. But reading the quotes in the paper this morning rubbed me the wrong way.

It was more of a laugher than a letdown. It didn’t seem to leave a bad taste in his mouth.

Little was asked whether there was any negative carryover from the Yankees series.

“What game were you watching out there? We scored 10 runs in that sucker,” Little said. “We felt awfully proud about the way the boys came out and attacked that other team tonight. The last couple of innings we didn’t make some plays and the outcome turned out like it did.”

After Nomar Garciaparra’s home run in the eighth tied it, the Red Sox unraveled in the field.

Jerry Hairston led off the bottom of the eighth with an infield single off Byung-Hyun Kim. Luis Matos bunted up the first base line. Kim’s throw to first hit Matos, who appeared to be running inside the line. The umpires didn’t see it that way and Little didn’t argue.

“That was the call that was made,” Little said. “We don’t have a choice but to go with it.” HEUSCHKEL

Emphasis is mine. Here’s the problem I have. The call that Tek got thrown out on may or may not have been foul. I never saw a clear replay; but I’m assuming Tek saw something, and that’s why he was so hot. Two Sox players get thrown out, and Grady went to the umps for a brief explination. The Matos play was more blatant; he was running the entire line on the grass. So between that and the other play, you aren’t going to go out and argue that at all?

Did those two calls lose the game for the Sox? Absolutely not. Yes, they played a part…but the Sox did just fine blowing the game on their own.

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