Game 2

Virtual mirror image…nice hitting, great start, decent pen….

Back in first place; but just half a game…Lowe looked good; Damon on fire; hope that continues…

Game 1

Really nothing to complain about in game 1. Great hitting, excellent starting pitching…and even the homer Embree gave up was about forehead high. Randall Simon is unbelievable with the crap he hits.

Kim looked very good for 7 strong, and all batters save Damon had good games…

Interleague 2003

Well, the annual Interleague play begins today; and first up for the Sox are the Pittsburgh Pirates. Personally, I think interleague play has run it’s course. But I understand it isn’t going anywhere; and it might be just a tiny bit more interesting this year.

Obviously, MOST Sox fans probably don’t like interleague play. I don’t know what their overall record is; but I’d be willing to bet that it is under .500. That’s one of the reasons I’m not a fan of it; but for the most part, I don’t like it because what it does to the schedule. I am in favor of playing division opponants more than anybody else; but I don’t like the fact that every other AL opponent now gets 6 or so games. The only reason that it may be slightly interesting is that for the second year in a row, different divisions are playing one another…but for the life of me; why not schedule a Cubs/Sox home and away series?? I realize that it isn’t going anywhere because it increases attendance; but why not play one home and away series a year and disperse the rest of the games back to your own league? Or does that make too much sense?

Be sure to check out the amusing Rob Neyer article on last week’s trade…I just discovered it last night.

Guess I picked a good weekend…

…not to be able to pay attention to the Sox.

While out Friday night, I saw the score, but was comforted (for some reason) the next day to see that they basically got blown out because of Burkett. Didn’t see anything about Saturday, and yesterday I came within radio range as the Sox had that 5 double inning…and got out of the car after the Jays tied it 6-6. Got back in the car just as the Sox had ’em loaded in the 9th with Tek coming up. I told my wife; who is possibly the world’s biggest Tek fan, that he would promptly GIDP. Call me Nostradamus…

I have to admit that I take a small amount of pleasure from the fact that Clemens gave up 6 to the AA Tigers and was STILL in line for the win…until the Yank pen and defense folded right up for him. He’s got to be a little irritated at that…

One amusing thing about the wedding I attended..the groom is a die hard Sox fan; and on his wedding favors at every table setting it said the following:

“May 31, 2003….Till Death do us part…Or the Red Sox win the World Series!”

5 Game Skid

After getting bombed out of the Skydome in one of the worst 3 game sweeps that I can remember, Sox have to regroup. Management has to step in and start swinging the ax. White has been a bust and with his decision to point a finger at Nomar for missing a pop fly in medium depth LF, effectively bought himself a one-way ticket back to Cleveland. Get him gone. Mendoza was called on to throw one pitch in the fifth inning. Get him gone. Eat the damn contract.
Sox starters’ ERA over this 5 game skid stands at 12.49. They have effectively pitched our potent offensive attack out of every game within the first few innings. Not easy to do. Find out if Person can step in. Find out if Rupe is healthy again (supposed to start in AAA soon) and if he can possibly step in. Hell, sign Chuck Finley if you think he can help. Do something to restore some faith in Red Sox Nation.