One last thing before I go…

I’m on vacation for the next week; so front page Sox comments will come from Hoss and Fanatic (I hope!). Anyway; it appears that as the day went on, others had the same questions I did regarding yesterday’s ‘rainout’.

NY Times Article

NEW YORK (AP) — General manager Brian Cashman said it was “hogwash” that the New York Yankees might have postponed a game this week in order to keep struggling starter Jeff Weaver from pitching against the Mets.

The Yankees postponed Thursday’s game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays about a half-hour after the scheduled 1:05 p.m. EDT start.

The rain stopped falling later in the afternoon, leading some to speculate that the Yankees called the game so quickly because they were eager to skip Weaver in the rotation.


A rare one…

I believe I heard during the game that the Sox were something like 3-17 in games where they score 5 or less. Well; it’s nice to see a fourth.

And even more rare:

And the Red Sox won despite being outhit, 9-3. The last time they won a game with three hits or fewer was April 20, 1999. HEUSCHKEL

And while many (myself included) questioned the inclusion of Giambi in the lineup 3 days in a row…

Jeremy Giambi has started three straight games for the first time this season. The results: 1 for 7. Little said that with the absence of the designated hitter in the National League parks, he wanted to get a long look at the slumping Giambi before heading to Philadelphia . . . Globe Notes

I can respect that line of thinking, I suppose. Now glue his butt to the bench.

On a Yankee note…I’m not one to float conspiricy theories…and it WAS a game vs. the Devil Rays…but a rainout yesterday? With no rain at all in the NY area; and none coming? Less than a week after Clemens’ 300th win occured in a driving rain?

Personally, I think the decision came down to
1.) Stretched out pen after doubleheader and extra innings (and Osuna on the DL)
2.) Probably get more gate for a doubleheader in the summer instead of a Thursday mid-June game.

EDIT Yesterday was Giambi Bobblehead; so they had good gate. However, reason number 1a, which I didn’t think of before, is that now Weaver doesn’t pitch against Mets.

Either way, seems shady to me.

Cry Me an Amish River

Boo friggin hoo, Dauber…

”It was tough,” Daubach said. ”I didn’t think it was going to be this tough facing my old friends . . . To tell you the truth, I’m ready for this series to be over already.” Hohler

And I love how there are a ton of articles this morning playing up ‘Poor Brian Daubach having to face his buddys”…some implying that the Sox should have kept him.

Last time I checked, the offense is doing just fine without him.

Anyway, on to a day game today…


So who else was ready to cut ties with Burkett after 4 straight doubles? Lord knows I was.

”Coming in tonight,” he said after his improbable 7-4 conquest of the White Sox and ace Bartolo Colon last night, ”people probably figured we were going to lose. And after the first inning, they definitely thought we were going to lose.”

”You guys were writing my obituary, weren’t you?” he said. ”I’m thinking, `Are we breaking some kind of record here? What’s going on?’ Edes

And then he settled down nicely; 18 White Sox in a row, as a matter of fact. If he can keep this up, Sox Nation will be pleased. HOWEVER…as somebody pointed out to me last night; only the lowly Tigers hit worse than the White Sox.

And is it me; or does Giambi either make an out with nobody on base; or earn a walk when there IS somebody on base? Getting on is nice, Lil G, but knocking one in occasionally also helps.

Here’s an interesting interview with Larry Lucchino from this morning’s Globe.

Sweet Sweep

What else can you ask for? Quality start by BK Kim. 8 scoreless innings from the pen. A Grady ejection. Capping off a sweep by winning their 10th game of the year in their final at-bat. We know the sox can score runs, but it’s nice to see them do the little things to win games vs. quality opposition when they are unable to pound out hits. I think we’ve seen a large measure of the character of Nomar Garciaparra in the last 7-10 days in particular. Like him, hate him, or want to trade him, you have to admit that this guy just wants to win the damn game. Every game. It’s time for the Sox to string something together here and right the ship prior to the ASG. Sweeps and good feelings have been counteracted by losses and slumps too often this year. Enough with the .500 ball. Let’s roll.

p.s. Naming Rupe to come in behind Pedro tonight is yet another bungle by Grady and the Sox. Kim and Rupe are giving the Sox quality starts and therefore should be left out there every 5th day. Enough with this “sidework” in relief foolishness. Stabilize the rotation.

This makes me sick..

Clemens says he’ll skip his induction ceremony if not inducted as a New York Yankee. That makes me absolutely sick. Over the past couple of months, I had softened my stance on Clemens; but this puts me right back at square one. Personally, I think the Hall should put him in with a $ sign on his cap; or even better, as a Blue Jay.

The Freddy Show

Did we just see Sanchez’ breakout game? And with the glove, not the bat? Not to mention he’s the 2ND baseman of the future, and he’s making those plays at 3RD..

By the way; after an awful April that led many to question why he was signed in the first place; David Ortiz is hitting .379 with 26 RBI since May 1st. Makes the suckulence of Giambi almost bearable…

Another contender?

To help fix the rotation?

Rupe looked good; the game all around was blessed with good pitching by the Sox. Shades of the 2002 offense showed up, though, as they seemed to strand a small army on base. Errors were tough what with the field conditions…

Lowe today, off of a few consecutive good starts. Let’s hope he keeps it up.

Night game tonight..

Double edged sword

Tons to talk about after this one, so I’ll just stick with the three top things that jump to mind:

1) Personally, I’ve had enough of seeing the offense gutting out heroic comebacks or putting crooked numbers on the board and then turning around and watching the butane bullpen make like it’s Halloween and start handing out treats to opposing batters. Time to show some commitment to fixing the pen, even if it involves eating large sums of money.

2) Grady Ball is taking it’s toll. The unexplained “manager’s decisions” are mounting by the day.

3) “It’s not a question of walking someone,” La Russa said. “It’s a matter of who you pick to beat you.” Trot Nixon left TWELVE men on base. He simply cannot hit LHP effectively. Everyone knows it and his .203 AVG with 1 HR and 7 rbi’s vs. LHP prove it.