Nice homestand

Should have been an undefeated homestand; but in retrospect..and separating a little from the feelings of last night…a 6-1 homestand is pretty friggin good.

Maybe the “can’t miss” aspect of Kapler is finally coming through? I’m sure he’s overachieving..but I think he’s at least earned the right to start vs. every lefty until he drops off…

First game this season without Manny and they STILL score 11 runs..this offense is pretty good, eh? Now if only the pitching would come together.

Off day tomorrow; on to a VERY big road trip vs. TB, NY, TOR, and DET. .500 ball on this trip is NOT acceptable; it is about time that the Sox show some mettle vs. the big boys. Should be no less than 4-2 vs. TB/DET..and would like to see winning records vs. the true competition. IMO, anything less than an 8 win trip bodes poorly for the local 9.

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