Silly me…

For going and watching a movie when it was 9-2…only to log back in for the 9th inning.

THAT is why you play hard every inning, Mr. McKeon.

Great quote from John Henry regarding Friday night’s game:

The Sox spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon apologizing to the Marlins for running up the score the night before, though owner John W. Henry loudly opposed the idea of offering tea and sympathy to anybody.

”If we’re supposed to stop trying to score,” Henry said, ”we should just put up a disclaimer on the scoreboard: `You should go home now, we’re not trying anymore.’

”You’ve got people giving up their Friday night to be at the ballpark, spending a couple of hundred bucks, and we’re supposed to stop playing? The idea is to score runs. If not, then why are we out there? We’ve got a sold-out crowd, and if we’re not trying to score runs, no matter what the score is, we’re not playing baseball.”Globe

34 runs in 2 days; and they split. That’s just awful. Only bright spot to pull out of that one is that Giambi’s (permanant?) replacement went 4-5.

Take tomorrow’s and it is still 6 out of 7; but that won’t take the sting out of this loss. Because the Yankees swept a doubleheader today; so next weekend’s series looms very large.

Word is that Kim will become the closer; possibly as of today…and that Mendoza will be in the rotation when he gets back. I really hope that is a temporary band-aid before making some kind of deal…

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