Reality Check for Mr. Burkett

Last year John Burkett considered boycotting the All Star game if selected. This year he is considering if he’ll have a job at the All Star break……

I actually give John Burkett credit for managing to win over 160 major league games on his guile and very little talent. He’s walked a fine line thoughout his time with the Red Sox. But now the tight rope is getting thinner and thinner while the team is working hard to raise it to another level.

John Burkett must have noticed that Person threw over 60 pitches last night, he sees that Person has stuff and that Grady appears to be “stretching” him out. Person could have his pitch count up to 100 in two or three more outings. Burkett may also have noticed that BK Kim will be starting “at least” until Pedro gets back. Maybe he’ll be starting a little longer at the expense of our aging junkballer.

John Burkett is pitching in the last year of his career, perhaps he’ll be “retiring” a tad sooner than we expected. We can all hope, at least….

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