Tough one…

Call me an apologist, however…that is as close to a win as you can get while still losing. Yes; that was a terrible call on Lyon’s 2-2 pitch…but Rivera also got semi-jobbed in the top half. If you go back to my May 22 post, you’ll see how I was somewhat prophetic about Rivera. Here is the ‘best’ part of the Yanks pen; and he got smoked. Makes you feel just a little better as a Sox fan.

By the way, I don’t get walking the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th.

Sox players worried about SARS. They should be more worried about a hot Blue Jay team.

In Yankeeland, Contrares makes an appropriate comparison of Steinbrenner and Castro. And it looks like Torre is getting annoyed at his boss.

Anyway; off day today..and on to Toronto for the weekend. I’m away from Friday to Sunday, so don’t expect any updates from me. I am adding two new authors to the front page since the bulletin board appears to be on life support. Feel free to add your own comments after each post. So welcome Hoss and Fanatic to the front page of…

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