Pride cometh…

…before the fall.

For the past few days, to listen to NY radio or read NY papers, it was a virtual certainty that Clemens would get his 300th yesterday vs. the Sox. Apparantly, Clemens also really belived the hype.

As Clemens stalked and snorted his way to the pitcher’s mound for what he believed would be a historic afternoon at Yankee Stadium, something large and white shone from his black glove.

It was a commemorative patch, one to honor his 300th major league victory.

“The thing that was funny about it was it had MLB on it,” Torre said after the Red Sox had blown away Clemens and his Yankees, 8-4. “It was an approved thing.”

Actually, Joe, the hoot was that the Red Sox challenged the patch, the umpires forced Clemens to change gloves and, after allowing eight runs in 52/3 innings, the Rocket still had 299 wins. JACOBS

I suggest reading the whole column; it is obvious that Jacobs is no fan of Clemens’.

The way the game was won was perfect. They were patient, and they made him work. I haven’t looked it up; but I bet it has been a while since Clemens threw 130+ pitches (or gave up 8 runs for that matter). Looks like there is a tiny bit of angst in the Yankee locker room:

Manager Joe Torre often refers to a dreadful stretch the Yankees experienced in September 2000 when they lost 15 of 18 games and referred to it again Monday. Torre reminded everyone that the Yankees rebounded from that slump and went on to win the World Series. Jeter can’t deny that, but sees no relevance to what is happening now.

“This is a new team,” Jeter said. “Everybody wants to make comparisons, but we’re not the same team. We have different people, different personnel. You can talk about coming back from adversity in other years, but this group hasn’t done it.” O’CONNELL

Oh, by the way…the Blue Jays are 1.5 games behind the Yanks. Could be an interesting race this summer…

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