“Pedro, no problem”

Yankees right fielder Raul Mondesi said about his Dominican countryman, a comment that appeared to be tongue-in-cheek given their close friendship. HEUSCHKEL

As it is probably said in every article written about the game; first inning sucked; then Fossum was very good. Shades of Ramon Martinez…remember when he used to give up 4 or 5 in the first, and then settle down? Maybe after that performance last night, the Sox can stop treating Fossum with kid gloves and sheltering his ‘fragile psyche’.

An interesting bit from Clemens yesterday:

Rather than retire his No. 21, Roger Clemens would rather see the Red Sox pass it on, the way Notre Dame gives quarterbacks its fabled No. 3, or Syracuse gives No. 44 to star running backs.

“This town and this ballpark are always going to be a part of me,” Clemens said. “I worked here, I gave my all here, so that will never change. I tried to be here for my entire stay, but it didn’t work out and I wasn’t wanted. I’m fortunate that I am wanted now, and it’s a blessing.”AMORE/HEUSCHKEL

Sounds like sentimental comments by a guy approaching his ACTUAL ‘Twilight’. My stance on Roger has softened a bit in the past year or so; I still think he has his faults in the way he dealt with things; but it is high time that Sox fans put aside their grudges and remember what he actually did here.

So anyway, I actually went to the game. Turned out to be a last minute thing, with a friend and his wife and one other guy going. We had 4 in the same section, but not together. From around the 3rd inning on, we found a place where we could all sit. I have never sat in the left field grandst