Holding the Line

So with the World Champs coming to Fenway, the Sox are on a mini-roll. Pedro showed no signs of injury yesterday, and once again the offense was en fuego. Nomar again showing signs that pop-up-itis may be receding; and Florida with another nice night at the plate. Boy, his defense can be scary at times, though.

Of Martinez’s 84 pitches, 58 were strikes. His body language was positive throughout. He worked quickly and got ahead in the count. The fastball was his best pitch. His changeup and curve were effective, too. He showed no signs of injury. He did this despite the cool conditions (50 degrees, 14 mph breeze). Yantz

Now I wasn’t a HUGE fan of Everett when he was here, but I do think while his own words/actions didn’t help; he got a raw deal from some of the media. And this is classless and inexcusable:

Fans in right field threw two baseballs and an unidentified object at Everett in the seventh inning.

Shame on those morons.

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