Get your Mojo rising…

Wow…again. Eighth time, I believe, coming from behind to win. Yet another example of how this team refuses to lay down:

“We believe we’re always in the game,” Nomar Garciaparra said. “When you’re trailing like that, you know you can depend on everybody.”

The Red Sox came back as they have all season, putting together quality at-bats.

“The feeling in the dugout is an optimistic attitude,” Red Sox manager Grady Little said. “They feel like until someone tells them that the game is over, they feel like they have a chance to come back. I think the most amazing one was the last game we played over in Minnesota the other night when we were down 9-1 early in the game. There are a whole lot of teams that would just kind of play the rest of the game out there, but these guys, they just wait for something little to happen and they get going.”,0,573981.story?coll=hc%2Dredsox%2Dheadlines

And there was drama in the 9th; but the runners were at the corners due to a bobbled ball by Millar. No harm, no foul.

Also in the Courant article, a telling statement:

Garciaparra exhibited some rare patience at the plate, battling back from an 0-and-2 count. He fouled off the third pitch to stay alive and took the next two for balls before extending his hitting streak to 14 games, the longest current streak in baseball.

Let me just go on the record here that this is not a great 14 game hitting streak; it has been populated with many a shallow pop up and weak grounder. Let’s hope that at-bat was a harbinger of things to come…

This article from yesterday morning talks about the different approach the Sox offense has this year. Didn’t realize until before the game yesterday that they have the best team BA in the AL…

And in the ‘more good news’ department; Pedro is fine and will pitch Thursday. Things are setting up nice for the showdown with the Yankees next week.

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