Before I get into last night; let me just say that I completely disagree with the suspension of Bob Ryan. For those that don’t know what happened; on a late-night TV show Sunday, Ryan made a comment that he wanted to ‘slap’ Jason Kidd’s wife for her shameless use of their child courtside at EVERY basketball game. The kid is 4 years old, and has sat courtside at virtually every game; day or night; and durning the playoffs at least, home AND away. About a month ago, while Daddy was diving for a loose ball, he landed on his own kid and broke the kid’s collarbone. AND THE CHILD WAS BACK IN THE SAME SEAT THE NEXT NIGHT.

So Ryan made an offhand comment; and he stuck by it. And now all the PC Police turned it into a huge story, and the guy gets suspended from the Globe and all TV/Radio appearances. I’m sure he feels bad about what he said; but would there be such an uproar if he were discussing Kidd himself and said that he wanted to ‘slap’ him for allowing his kid to be courtside? Nope.

And was Kidd suspended for a month without pay when he actually DID hit his wife when they were in Phoenix? I doubt it.

So for the next month, there will be no links to on this site. I’m not visiting the site for the next 30 days. Yeah, I know it don’t mean squat to them; but it’s the principal of the thing. Anyway, on to last night…

What can you really say about last night? Fossum pitched well, bullpen actually did it’s job, hitters did their job, Sox win. Very nice. And the Yankees lost. Even better.

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