Wasted Effort

One thing I’ve loved about the Sox so far this year is that there is apparantly no quit on this team. Well; very little quit, that is. After a stupendous effort in the bottom of the 7th last night, I have to think that by the bottom of the 8th, the Sox batters felt like a good samaritan who was punched squarely in the gut by an old lady after retrieving her stolen purse from a thug.

I loved the fact that when I turned on the tv, it was 5-0 Twins, and I immediately thought “Big deal; they can come back”. To bad they couldn’t hold on to it.

Some might think that it was some kind of great crime to put in Mendoza with 1 out in the 8th and only a 1 run lead. Hopefully, those people remember that 4 out of his last 5 outings were pretty damn good; and the 5th outing was an excellent first inning followed by a mini-meltdown in his second. He would have been my next guy out of the pen as well; based on his last few outings and who was used the night before. Manager can’t be blamed for poor performances.

Let me preface my next comment with this statement: I think Nomar is an excellent player, and I am extremely happy that he plays for the Sox. However, I’m getting a little tired of statements like these:

Any thoughts of looking at another pitch against Santana, who had thrown six consecutive balls?
“No,” Garciaparra said. “I haven’t done it in seven years. Why do it now? Go with my strengths.” Doyle

That’s kind of arrogant, in my opinion. Seems to translate into “My way works; to hell with baseball convention or even a little common sense.” Am I the only one that doesn’t feel as excited as I did in the past when Nomar is coming to bat in a crucial spot so far this year? I’d sure like to get that feeling back…

So I’ll be at the game today. A friend of mine has great seats (I took this one of Pedro from them last year; coincidentally also vs. the Twins) and I am lucky enough to go with him once or twice a year. Even luckier is that it is Pedro again. For a guy who gets to between 5-10 games a year, I have seen Pedro an awful lot. In 2001, I bought a 4 game package that was all Pedro starts, in 99 I was at Yankee Stadium for the masterful 1 hitter, last year I saw a couple…and now today.

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