Happy May Day

So Damon was a little miffed that he didn’t start last night. Seems odd that the only player to complain about rotating lineups is the one who is hitting the worst. And of course, all the Sox media have prominant stories on Damon’s displeasure.

Damon said even though he hasn’t found a groove, he can still help the team win with his defense and speed.

“I think that’s why Boston got me. They know I can do that. But swinging the bat is the measuring stick that everyone always uses. Unfortunately, I don’t look at it that way. I know a bunch of players don’t look at it that way. There’s so many other ways you can help beat the other team with me having 10-pitch at-bats.” HEUSCHKEL

Ummm..does that seem silly to anybody else? Yes, they have you for speed and defense; two things that Jackson does well off the bench. The Sox need you to get your bat going. I’m sure he will in time…as far as I can tell, this is the first time this year that a player didn’t know about their off day beforehand…

Damon, who prides himself on his durability, has averaged 156 games over the last three years, which has made the rate of his offdays this year particularly shocking to him. He entered the night batting .240 with a .304 on-base percentage, the lowest among Sox regulars. He also was hitting .087 (2 for 23) with runners in scoring position, third worst in the league.

”We want to give him a day here and see if he can think his way back into the right groove,” manager Grady Little said. HOHLER

He did actually get into the game as a pinch runner without an at-bat.

Don’t be at all surprised if Shea is sitting tonight; he looked like he was in pain after taking the 2nd pitch on the same spot in 2 days.

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