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Way back in 1998/1999, Boston.com had a few chat rooms…and there was a regular group of us who spent a lot (OK, too much) time in there…usually during the workday, also during games. For some, the chat was the easiest way to follow the game…there were several Sox fans from all over the country…and the world. There was a core group of us who got to ‘know’ eachother…and this was back when ‘knowing’ people online wasn’t something you really mentioned to anybody. But a few of us got together at Fenway in 2000, and became more than just online friends, but real ones. After all, we all had a common bond…love of the Red Sox.

The Globe rooms started to go to shit in 2001/2002 (some might argue that there was a direct correlation to the performance of the local 9; those were some unlikable teams)…people harassing others, no accountability due to the fact that you didn’t need to log in (nevermind the fact that your IP address was on public display, which usually led to more problems)…a group of hooligans were ruining it for US, the ORIGINAL hooligans. So I decided in 2003 to buy the domain ‘Portlandsoxfan.com’ , which is the moniker I used in chat. That’s Portland, CT, by the way..not Maine, not Oregon…

The original idea for the site was somewhere that people could come and chat, but people were held accountable (not like in some online poker rooms), and I figured since I set up a site with chat, I might as well give a go at this whole ‘blogging’ thing. The site was originally on Movable Type with phpMyChat, and I’ve tried many different things (Geeklog, Mambo, Drupal, etc) between that first site and this current WordPress/Flashchat setup installed in November of 2007.

With this latest install, I was able to restore many of the blog posts over the history of the site…and in taking a quick look through them, I see that I actually used to write quite a bit. I’d like to try to get back to that. The chat is still the main focus of the site; there are several of us who have been chatting together about the Sox and other random things for almost 10 years now. We have New Englanders from Maine to Connecticut (incidentally, I don’t even live in Portland anymore…but Colchestersoxfan just doesn’t roll off the tongue), as well as regular expatriates from New York to California…from Canada to Peru…and even a handful of Europeans. We’ve had annual Fenway outings, and even a couple of road trips to places like Camden Yards, Yankee Stadium, and Hadlock Field in Portland, ME. We’ve been together for the lowest of the lows in October 2003, to the highest of the highs in 2004 and again in 2007.

Join us for 2008 and beyond….take a look back in the archives…sign up and pop into chat for some Hot Stove discussion. Thanks for stopping by.

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