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Closing Day! And nice run, PSF.com!

October 31, 2013 in Red Sox

Thought actually making a comment on here would be a nice bookend to the 2013 season!

What an unbelievable run. And I was lucky enough to attend a game this year; Game 2.

Game 2 Panoramic

Glad to see the faithful keeping this place chugging along!  Cue the Duck Boats!

28 responses to Closing Day! And nice run, PSF.com!

  1. Thanx for providing the house, P.

    Well hello Fans. To keep pace during the Hot Stove Season, I ve decided to provide little puzzles like you might see in any newspaper- with the answers given a day or so later. Lets get started w a real easy one:

    In the field of Symbology , what does the sign ’87 2′ mean?

  2. Really wish I had way more time to stop, chat, and post. However, still as soon as Koji struck out Carpentar I thought PSF.com must be going crazy. Hope you all enjoyed the season. Funny I keep telling myself I have lived to see 3 Sox World Series and not sure I totally 100% believe it.

  3. Mike Napoli, drunk and shirtless, roaming the streets of Boston.

    Way kewlz.

  4. Hello Fans-

    Welcome to another issue of the Daily Puzzle:
    Unscramble these letters and form a word:

    Answer to previous puzzle:
    87 2 refers to a Sox yukkies game many yrs ago during the summer. Frank Castille was mowing down yukkie hitters when Jimi “Captain Hook” Wiliams yanked him after only 87 pitches, having allowed just 2 hits. The bullpen faltered and the Sox went on to lose.

    After he game one Sox player said disgustedly, ” Those guys were as happy as pigs in sht when we took out Frankie.”

  5. Good work, DU. and it doesn’t surprise me that you figured it out.

    another daily puzzle soon.

    meanwhile Cafardo says that the Angels are in need of a third baseman and a pitcher, and speculates that Will Middlebrooks and Felix Doubront could be the chips that it would take to get a deal for Trumbo done.

    I wouldn’t make this trade. I still think the upside of TWO young players, esp Doubront, is potentially startling.

  6. Hello Fans-

    Welcome to another issue of the Daily Puzzle:

    Who had a ‘Heart Full of Soul’ ?

  7. Question:

    If a criminal is entitled to a jury of his peers, then why wouldnt the peers be other criminals?

    Just axeing.

  8. (with help from Tard) :

    But suhhhhh…might there not be Lands to the East ?
    And the North Suh? … Is there not Plunder in the North ?

  9. Don’t look now but the Cs just might be a .500 team.

  10. Hi again everybody, and welcome to the wildly popular Daily Puzzle:

    According to the band America, what was ‘in the air’ ?

    Answer to previous Daily Puzzle :

    The English band The Yardbirds had a ‘Heart Full of Soul’.

  11. Friends-

    In a few days I will have an earth shattering, cool rockin daddy announcement.

    Stay tuned for this important event.



    send me your info so I can invite you as a friend, or vice versa.
    id ask for it here but I don’t want that rat bastard cater to find me :)


    this goes for you too, Bos. hopefully some of your photos show a little leg.

    • Hi Folks,

      Happy New Year. What do we hope for this year? A non-painful but long-lasting injury to Mr Jacoby would be quite nice, I suppose.

      I also have an important announcement: I am now the New Portlandsoxfan. That’s because I have recently moved, and from my living room window I can see just see Portland (UK version). It features the unique Chesil Beach. Come and have a look some time.

      All the best, and let’s hope for a peaceful 2014.


  13. I still can’t believe Frank Castillo got pulled after 83 pitches

  14. 3 Sox WS titles in nearly 50 years and my kid has 2 in 8, 3 if you count the womb.
    Never gets old, always want more.

  15. rich, don’t start the Revolunnie without me

  16. cater-

    This is what happens to time when the sox play into Nov. The winter speeds up. All of a sudden its only a month til palyers start trickling into Florida. Whew
    My Geometry is all (Tony) Clarked up, but no problem. Nothing that a few shots of Mercury and some valium cant clear up..

  17. I see the latest term is ‘polar vortex’. Wtf is a polar vortex? Is it like a flux capacitor?
    Just axeing.

  18. lakers player demonstrating conclusively that even though his team has a bad record, no ones tanking it for the lottery.

    Great to see the NBA retaining its integrity and insisting on competitive play from all its teams, regardless of their situation.


  19. Friends-

    Its been a long cold winter. Now when I look at clouds, all I see are faces.

  20. rich said on May 25, 2014


    The Red Sox are pleased to announce their support of National Asphixiation Month.

  21. rich said on July 8, 2014

    Well that’s it for me. They are lost souls.

    They are like the Bedouin- nomads wandering the desert with no discernible cause.

  22. ces= jack clark, and they dumped lackey for garbage.


  23. From Dreamland?

    In history I think the following may have happened before. It would be incredible, but with some luck- doable. Consider the isuk hostage, John Cantley, who just released a short speech on an isuk released video.
    Now all you need is this- that he somehow talked isuk into writing his short talk, just made public. Now if it were me, and I could gain that small? concession…I would have written the message in code, gambling that the CIAs cryptographers were busy w their machines.

    First thought obviously might be something simple like the 1st letter of every word is say, 3 letters less than the target letter he wanted to convey- but of course it would be more sophisticated. Now how many ‘hit’ letters do you need? Surprisingly just a few, and these letters, even if scrambled would name the city/area etc where he was held.
    Recall Blenchly sp Park during WW2- if cryptographers that long ago could decode German msgs, then this would be a piece of cake. Again- all that’s necessary is for Cantley to somehow talk isuk into letting him write the few sentences.

    Furthermore, its not that far fetched. Isuk could very easily have been sloppy and simply told him,” Tell the Americans this is the last video etc etc,” leaving Cantley to express the msg in his own words.

    Go ahead and laugh- Ive got my Hockie Helmutt on.

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