Opening Day! And Happy 10th Anniversary,!

Well, here we are still limping along…both and the Red Sox! Maybe I’ll try to be a little more active this year. Anyway, my best to all of you regulars, and enjoy today’s game!

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  1. Comrades-

    Dont look now bjut the Gooship is taking form. The deadliness of 2 ace starting piitchers cannot be overestimated obviously, with a team that is somehow scatching out runs, while ortiz lurks nearby.

    Theyre on the cusp of…welll…dare i say it?


    In addition, something resembling Gestalt down at 4 Yawkey Way is yawning, strecthing its arms, and beginning to awake.

    89 wins +/- 8

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  2. Its amazing some of the jackasses that are in local news media.

    One such dumfuk asked a physician at mass general this question:

    “Doctor- what do you tell a patient when you have to amputate his leg?”

    I wouldnt have blamed the doctor if he had run off the podium, punched the shathead to senselessness, and personally carted him off to intensive care.

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  3. Comrades-

    Lackey now sporting a 2.70 era. That makes 3 aces. With a killer bpen, and ace bailey, and the crazy ability to score runs (in spite of the HIB virus having hit 3 regs),
    this team is j u s t beginning to threaten October.

    My OGRS is up. Bos- Come to rich.

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  4. Comrades-

    This broke me up. Apparently frightened NFL owners insisted this be put in the owners/ players agreement:

    “…but the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement (Article 4, Section 9), says that a “forfeitable breach” has taken place when a player “is unavailable to the team due to conduct by him that results in his incarceration.”

    ’nuff said, in ghetto speak.

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    My daughter was bullied by some chick about 2 yrs ago at 14 yrs old at school. We went to the school board and everyone we could think of outside the police. It didn’t stop.

    We went to the police and they said they couldn’t do anything because it’s her word against ours. Then, she sent my daughter a text threatening her life, said my wife was a whore and that she was going to burn our house down with our family inside and hope we all died.

    *said my wife was a whore and that she was going to burn our house down with our family inside and hope we all died.

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  6. I have been listening to or watching most games this season, but as decrepitude settles in, I am rarely awake by the start of the third inning. I shall be making an effort for the next few games in the certainty of a Red Sox victory,

    Hi Rich!


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