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I can slowly start liking this team again..

October 4, 2012 in Red Sox

Words can’t describe how much I disliked Valentine, from the second he was hired. Luckily for me, I jumped off the 2012 Sox bandwagon with both feet sometime in late 2011. And absolutely nothing happened to bring me back. I haven’t had such little interest in the Red Sox since I can’t remember when. I went to one game, and I honestly watched maybe 3 games in their entirety. And I’m generally the kind of guy who watches or listens to 120+ games a year.

So let’s rebuild this bitch. The Beckett/Gonzalez trade was a nice start (and I love that the Dodgers didn’t make the playoffs), firing Valentine definitely helps. But I’m not quite jumping back on yet.

In the meantime, go Nationals!

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  1. I predict that the next sox manager, at Lucchinos urging, will be Rockie Racoon.

    Well P- they have a ton of work to do, and about 100 mil to do it with.

    Itd be the ultimate botch if they cant fix this team for next yr.

    I can actually tell you how things will work out, but the Federation would can me, or worse- transport me to the Borg (but not Bjorn).

    Jean Luc Picard


  2. Better yet-

    With Lucchinos backing, sox will hire Rin Rin Tin as next manager.

    Wait- sox will reverse course and go back to affable managers. Therefore next sox manager will be Leave it to Beaver (hes grown up now).

    In that affable vein, next sox pitching coach will be the dad from Father Knows Best.

    Next Press Secretary will be Della Street.

  3. Friends-

    I was watching the news on the Spanish Channel today and I guess they are going to remake Grease- the musical from the late 70s.

    Anyway they said Bobby Valentine will be the male star, acting opposite of Margaret Thatcher.

    Sounds like a keeper.

    - Mr. T

  4. What he said.


  5. not sure how I feel about Farrell, but the other names floating around at least sound better than last year’s crop.

  6. Friends-

    After much ponder and banging of the cerebrum, I predict a major sox signing of adam laroche.

    This works very well for them, and the sox have money to effect things that work very well for them.


  7. Anyone notice that Petraeus’ Fuktoy is super hot. Id do her and leave a twenty on the bureau.

  8. Im happy so far. Now go back and sign 1.69 atchison


    *85 WINS*

  10. TEAM SUCKS!!! (Pats we already know the sox suck)

  11. Bos-

    I told you before…upon your birthday in 1192…

    There are no lands to the west !

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