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Opening Day…and I still hate the Red Sox this year

April 5, 2012 in Red Sox

I’m hoping watching a few actual games will shake me of my doldrums this year…but Christ, I hate these guys. Between the way ownership treated Tito on the way out, and many of the players quite unlikable, and the insufferable Bobby V…ugh.

By the way, that dipshit just signed a weekly radio deal to appear with Michael Kay on ESPN 1050 in NY. I’m sure THAT spot will never generate any kind of controversy.

On a PSF.com related note, congratulations to longtime chatter Dewey who welcomed his first child into the world yesterday; an 8 lb 2 oz daughter!

27 responses to Opening Day…and I still hate the Red Sox this year

  1. Hello Sox fans…For some reason I can’t get into chat. Wish I could though. OGRS!!!

  2. Hello everybody.

    But they are toast.

  3. I am boycotting chat till Spot can get in! WOOF!!

  4. PSF said on April 9, 2012

    Spot can’t get into chat because his mac sucks balls.

  5. And another thing…Stick a fork in these guys. Blow it up! Trade everyone…Bring up the Sea Dogs.

  6. And congrats to Dewey and family!

  7. They are not actually that bad. If they keep working the count, they could become a dangerous team.
    Shame Ellsbury got injured.

  8. Hello I’m Johnny Cash…all I’m going to say is that I told y’all about Bobby. The dude knows baseball, but his mouth wears out his welcome everywhere he goes. He IS going faster than usual in Boston though.

  9. Is Joesox for real???

  10. LMFAO…”keep working the count”…

  11. and the self destruction of Bobby continues. Now it turns out he dressed Aviles down. Do you guys miss Tito???

  12. Are y’all tired of the Valentine while he’s being interviewed.

  13. Are y’all tired of the Valentine smirk while he’s being interviewed.

  14. and where in the bluest of blue hell is rich with his spot on commentary???

  15. its great to just sit and watch the sox go to hell!!! Go Yankees!!!

  16. spot said on May 11, 2012

    Yup…Free tickets for tuesday’s game. Great seats, Tim Wakefield being honored and Josh Beckett starting. Hmmmmmmmmm…Is there anyway that Wakes could start instead?

  17. nice to see Bobby’s smirk start to disappear…aaaahhhh good times…

  18. spot said on May 16, 2012

    Great seats…Just above the Sox dugout…You could see the pock marks on Josh’s face.

    Felt like fishing…Sitting in the rain, listening to the Sox, drinking beers.

    Smithwicks Ale…Good times.

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