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Not dead, and not hacked | Portland Sox Fan
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Not dead, and not hacked

October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Some spambot managed to slip through the registration process and sent a PM to everybody in here. However, if any of you actually meet up with LISSYAA, let me know if she’s hot or not.


94 responses to Not dead, and not hacked

  1. I think she used to date HAL9000…

  2. I have this lousy feeling that cherrington is going to bust this team up. Rumors that Youk is on the block. Are you kidding me?

  3. Bard the 9th. Jenks will somehow toss the 8th- from the DL.

    Malo. Boy have they got work to do. I guess they told Aceves to be ready to start next year. Theres yet another ?

    What a fuking albatross lackey is. They gotta rid him- maybe to the Padres.

  4. You know who would be a hoot for sox manager?

    Bobby Valentine. Sparks everywhere. Ill take it.

    Im getting this gnawing feeling the sox want a lacky for their manager. Yes- the players will really rerspect that and toe the line.

  5. Cha Cha Cha Cherryington!

    Manager? I nominate the Trunk Monkey!

    Bring back JD!!!

  6. The best manager out there for the Sox is Francona. Lets kiss and make up. Make nice.

  7. The Trunk Monkey should replace Wally!

  8. Yes. JD can dh as Ortiz slips to the Orioles.

  9. Valentine. BINGO!

    I rulez.

  10. Booby V…Say it ain’t so!

  11. Is it true that Theo left Ben his gorrilla suit?

  12. SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Bring on Bobby V.. stop the madness!!!

  14. Say Bobby Valentine.

    If one of Bens minions waltzes into Bobbys office before the game w some lineup ‘suggestions’, said minion will emerge from the office w a black eye.


  15. (Reuters) – More alleged victims are coming forward in the case of a Florida resident accused of injecting “super glue” and flat-tire repair materials into the buttocks of a woman in a botched illegal cosmetic surgery procedure, the Florida Department of Health said on Tuesday.

  16. Theres too much momentum for Valentine. They may feel not to hire him would deflate Sox Nation.



  17. You know who would be a hoot for sox manager?

    I don’t know

  18. Hockie Helmuts = on.

    Face Shields = down.

    Odometer = reset.

    This is gonna be a blast.

    I hope the chicken eaters approve.

  19. Bo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ric…Chicken make good pet

  21. Tough noogies chicken eaters and volkswagon drivers!

  22. All good for trunk monkets though…

  23. How’s the Autopilot doing on the good ship SS PSF?

  24. Heres what you want. The Trunk Monkey as bench coach.

    Then when valentine is on the stage for the post game, and rants and rails at a loss, blaming everyone, youd have the Trunk Monkey beside him jumping up and down, slapping at his own head, and screaming jungle monkey noises.

  25. remember there was once a monkey manager who told Darren Lewis it was time to call it quits…the monkey doesn’t talk, but he grabbed a pair of cleats and put up two nails and hung the cleats as to say “it’s time to hang ‘em up.”…ee-ee-aw!

  26. As the Sox look to purchase a larger Clown Car, the Stanley Cup Champs were 12-0-1 In November.

  27. LMAO @ CHBF going right for the Jugular in the Press conference

  28. Yes Bos. You just knew that the Dark Force would try and pee on the evening. He literally cant help himself.

  29. Snarky bastard he is…

  30. It bothers me a bit that they only gave V a 2 yr contract at not that much money. The msg doesnt show great faith.

    Also someone leaked about tito and the meds. Low blow.

    Im in a fowl mood right now.

  31. They’re awaiting on John Farrell contract with Toronto!

  32. Shaughnessy should call farrel and ask him what he thinks of the hiring.

    Also , if he misses Boston.

  33. So Sox nation optimistic at Bobby V. Yes…I see it too. We have-

    Rise of Planet of the Apes

  34. Ande we must have Trunk Monkey as the bench coach. When V wants to lift a pitcher he sends him out there to do it, and we see him rushing to the mound on all fours yelling,”

  35. “Hoo hoo hoo, Ha ha ha.”

  36. As an added bonus rich, if you do happen to date that beautiful Japanese girl who lives next door you can always bring her to bobby v for translation services.

  37. lol ach. For your consideration:

    Perhaps the most unfortunate words ever sung from a rock song (You’re So Vain)-

    “I had some dreams. They were clouds in my coffee”

    Whoever authored that inanity should ‘Do The Right Thing’.

  38. Oh man Valentine has a big snout.

    Oh man hes got a big mouth.

    ‘Josh said kets keep this a private conversation, so please dont tell anyone hes mad at kevin long, and just wanted to spite him and his team.’

    To think its only Dec and we get The Mouth. Wait til the spring.

    Hockie Helmut = On.
    Face Shield = Down.
    Ear plugs = Inserted.

    Rise of Planet of the Sox.

  39. With her ​​go, Red Sox refueling

    This is what she said =http://www.very-store.com

  40. Its come to this.

    Yet another sign that the end-days are near.

  41. Im watching ‘Antiques Roadshow’ on PBS.

    They have a transcript from this chat room during 2003.

  42. The Bailey signing pushes the team to about 92 wins. Just 1 more decent starter and they push 100.

  43. 100 wins +-2

  44. Good moves so far…Low cost.

    Theo who?

  45. Spo I was just thinking the same thing today. Maybe this is why Ben didnt shed tears at loss of paps. Lotta money saved. Loss of prospects dont hurt them much. the 19yo kid is at least 2 yrs away, assuming he makes it.

  46. Happy New Year to all…

    I foresee a Championship for Boston this year…

    Another Stanley Cup for the Bruins.

    Thank you.

  47. Happy New Year to you too, Spo!

    I foresee a ‘pod’ for you sometime this year. Its long overdue.

    Remember- *Patience is a virtue*.

  48. I gladly accept this POD…You like me! You really like me!

  49. On Friday, former Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez and guests, including current Baltimore Orioles and ex-Sox general manager Dan Duquette, will be at Boston’s Liberty Hotel for a Jimmy Fund and Martinez family fundraiser.

    The event, billed as “An Intimate Evening with Pedro Martinez and Friends,” will include cocktails, dinner, a question-and-answer session, and a photo and autograph from Martinez. Tickets ($350) and details are available by calling 781-648-4048.

  50. Sweet! Grab me two seats in front, ric.

    I’ll send a money order…

  51. Sweet, Spot is getting me a seat as well :) woof

  52. Yes! But ric can’t sit between us…Woof!

  53. Ok then Ill have to sit on Bos’ lap. We’ll still leave the seat between Spo and us vacant though, so I can have a place to put my things.


  54. Also Spo- Nowadays ive found that I get cranky in the afternoon if I dont take my nap.

    Please advise. Over…

  55. And you know…I put my pants on this afternoon and they came clear on up to my chest. Whats amazing is now this huge belt buckle (I bought it from an outfit advertised on Field and Stream) is gleaming outwards from between my tits, blinding innocent passerby.

  56. LMAO @ Richie! Yes you can sit on my lap dear

  57. Right Bos.

    Thank goodness the crack Sox medical team determined he needed surgery at the earliest possible time.

    I suppose nay sayers might aarnk why not last year, but what with the Holidays etc., its perfectly understandable.

    Plus the Sox have been waiting for top FA starters to come down in their salary demands. That takes a lot of time and resources. Its not easy sitting on your ass bemoaning the luxury tax and nagging their agents every 2 days.


  58. Well…Youks can play left field.

    Headed to Boston Friday…Have tickets to Mission of Burma…

  59. In their never ending drive tp go deep into October, the sox have now traded BOTH their shortstops, 1 of who him had a career year and hit .299.

    What a joke. They got yet another bum to compete for the back of the rotation. Get it? They dont even know who the BACK of the rot is, these guys are so awful.

  60. Im so disgusted.

    And cranky too- I missed my afternoon nap yesterday, and my pants buckle keeps scratching my chest.

  61. Perhaps if you wore pants that reach up to your armpits?

  62. New signing:

    The Red Six signed righthander John Maine to a minor-league contract that does not include an invitation to major league spring training.

    Maine, 30, won 25 games for the Mets from 2007-08 and had a 4.02 ERA while striking out 8.2 batters per nine innings.

    He has made only 24 starts in the majors since, none since May 20, 2010. He had shoulder surgery that season and last year was 1-3 with a 7.43 ERA for Class AAA Colorado Springs. He quit the team in June, saying he might retire.

    *The Red Six signed righthander John Maine to a minor-league contract that does not include an invitation to major league spring training.*


  63. Now Now Richie.. No need to fret.. they look like a strong 3rd or 4th place contender . pfffffffffffft

  64. Oh I forgot, in case you missed it-

    “The Red Six signed righthander John Maine to a minor-league contract that does not include an invitation to major league spring training.”

    Its hard to repeat this out loud too many times without laughing hysterically.

  65. The first time he goes to the mound, pats him on the ass and then yanks him, hes going to get this response from the redneck Beckett-

    “Get your hands off me, you dirty stinking ape!”
    Like this- http://bostondirtdogs.boston.com/Headline_Archives/BDD_4.11_jb_ap.jpg

  66. Man arrested after allegedly driving Zamboni while drunk

    There aren’t many worse things you can do as an employee than driving drunk while at work, a fact that extends to Zamboni drivers.

    A 34-year-old man was arrested in Apple Valley, Minn., after police were called to the local rink to investigate what was some erratic Zamboni driving. The part-time employee was having problems getting the Zamboni off the ice after his sloppy driving while on the ice.

    “He looked like I do when I have my allergy attacks,” youth hockey coach Bryan Dornstreich said. “I didn’t really think anything of it.”

    While Dornstreich was working with a referee, a parent came over to say that the attendant was “weaving all over, slurring his words.”

    Dornstreich warned the referee, who was in charge of moving the nets off the ice, to stay clear of the driver. The coach then made sure that everybody stayed away from the glass during the joyride. When the man finished his sloppy work, parents had to go onto the ice to “scrape off the rough parts” so the team could practice.

  67. I have it from good sources that the Sox

  68. ric? Did you nap today?

    So…Saw Mission of Burma in Allston couple of weeks back.

    Man, the place was crawling with children…Then I realized that they were BU students.


  69. Cher is trying to impress his gods by not spending money for a starter. Wont work.

    (Third place, A.L. East): Hi Red Sox!

  70. Bos- youll love this if you havent seen it. SUPREME OPID.

    It would be great if Lucchino paid the kid to wear the cap.


  71. Is it me or does Bill Belichik look a little like Neil Diamond?

    Can you imagine Bill singing ‘Cherry Cherry’?

  72. Ok Im saying right now the Pats are gonna win this. 2 reasons:

    1. Myra Kraft.
    2. I dont think any team in the world can beat Belichik 3 times in a row.

  73. Like I said, Giants have this covered. They are just too good.

  74. Hello, I’m Johnny Cash, to all the Giant haters just know that I’m dancing somw salsa as I type. Is there anything better than to beat a boston team for a Championship??? Oh, yes rich, the 2011-12 Super Bowl Champs New York Giants OWN the patsies…

  75. Damn…Finally out form under the rock?

    Yes, the Giants won.

    Though over the past decade the 4 major league psorts teams from MA have won a total of 7 championships.

    New York? 9 teams, 3 Championships. Though I do understand the Rexy Ryan is predicting another SB win for the J E T S…

  76. Look- Juast sign wakefield. He will pitch for food.

    Plus they need an innings eater, no matter what the Sox Pravda tells you.

    Thank you. Lono has spoken.

    -Mr. Lono and Mrs. Yoko Lono

  77. Friends-

    Hawaii is sinking.


    And never mind they say it will take mils of yrs. They get these time forecasts wrong all the time. Since the trend is down, that means its subject to earth and its crusts snorty anomolies.

    But never mind that. Irrelevant.

    I heard where theyre gonna invite that 17yo aussie kid to spring training, to vie for a back of the rot spot.

    Thats just not right.

    Spo- Please advise.

  78. phew! now I feel better!
    According to Baseball America, the Red Sox have signed right handed reliever Sean White to a minor-league contract.

    White was in Triple-A with the Rockies last year and did not pitch well, posting a 5.68 earned run average and 1.85 WHIP over 82.1 innings.

  79. Hey…Beautiful day out there sport’s fans!

    Let’s play 2!

  80. Bye bye Timmy, thanks for the fishes.

  81. Buckley says josh looks the same as last sept?


  82. So the A’s picked up Manny? lol…. I guess little not much of a risk so what the hell. Should be entertaining.. Watch him go on a tear

  83. hey dawg, try that theory over 20 years, 30 years, wtf, try over a century… LMFAO

  84. Valentine is just beginning to get my hopes up. I see butter. And OGRS.

  85. Is this thing on?

  86. Hi P- Its great to hear from you again.

    Im nervously hopeful. However you put it, this team has lost its culture/identity/whatever. They miss the leadership of tek, who was strangely absent with such during the sept meltdown.

    the top 3 arent locks, and we will need luck to get from them all the performance we wish, Much hope that the #4 gets filled in. The #5 also might be axeing too mulch.

    Hi Q. Remember the song ‘everyones gone to the moon.’? Thats whats happened here, but moon = facebook I guess.

    Ill never forget that songs immortal words-

    “Eyes that can only lift a spoon…Everyones gone to the moon.”

    For some strange reason everytime I hear those words I break out in a sweat and start doing the Congo.

    After I flick the houselights on/ off 3 times of course, signalling the neighbors Ill be absent from our ‘hoods crime watch, at least for a few hours.

    Butt thas ok. As Bubba once said- Im the king of this mother f’ing jungle.

    Im glad they finally got fair compensation for Theo. After I heard the news I tried high 5′ing one of my South American floor plants, but it was in its usual ugly mood and tried to drag me in.

    Actually I also have a venus fly trap which i bought 2 yrs ago along with a gro-light. Its over 15 feet tall now, and will only eat annoying cats.

    Well gonna run- Im taking a cue from valentine and practicing my swinging bunts.

    After that Im gonna shower and then go and work out.


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