Why, nothing is wrong!

1/2 game out at the end of May? I can live with that!

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  1. I want to say something. And I should have said it a long time ago.

    Sorry if Im waxing melancholy butt Ill be brief.

    3 4 yrs ago I got in a jam. I tried not to wah wah to anyone but I guess my demeanor or whatever seeped out.

    At any rate during that time I guess YM caught a whiff, and then one time he pm’d me this…or words like it…

    “rich…if you need a few buks let me know”

    You can imagine what internal conflicts arise when a you know whos fan is nice to a sox guy.


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  2. Friends-

    I shopped at Wal Marts yesterday, and when I awoke this am and went to shave, I noticed there was a bar code on my neck.

    Ok I know. Hey look- Im getting along in yrs and thats the best I got these days. My fball has lost 5 6 mph, is straight as an arrow, and when it doesnt find the heart of the plate it either hits the guy or sails to the bakstop.


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  3. Best team in baseball? The Pirates? The ones that made moves before the trading deadline and RUINED the clubhouse? Kinda of like the Nationals and losing their manager? And, and, and…Well, I really got nuthin.

  4. The chat room is broke again. What I dont understand is how it could be broken since no one hardly uses it.

    At any rate, fortunately an error msg was issued which should provide quick guidance to the problem-

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getName() on a non-object in /home/portlan/public_html/wp

    -herb from Malden

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  5. with all the injuries the Bombers have had this summer, plus the way the f-n sox have done my boys, and the N.Y. Yankees are still in 1st. place at the end of August??? what happened to the team boston was going to put on the field??? No doubt, God is a Yankee’s fan

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  6. YM-

    What happened was this-

    A long time ago someone wnet into the commoners room and reported back all the lame posts (how do I fix my faucet, how often should I clean the gutters etc).
    So I said Im going in ther, Ill be fred from Medford. Others went with me- it was a gas.

    Aittle while later that rat bastard cater STOLE the name, and somehow talked me into trading 1 of my kidneys for a case of whiskey. Fukker.

    So I moved over 1 town to Malden.

    Hope your summers been ok.

    Yeah the yukkies have hung in there. We should have shot them w silver bullets at the end of 04, when we had them down.

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  7. Comrades-
    Slightly amazing thing. Possible synchronicity. Yesterday I was sitting at the computer, which sits atop a long sturdy table. I was bored and started thinking of these Windows gadgets one can download and which reside on the Desktop.

    I watch the weather channel on occasion because theyre into natures fury stuff.

    So the following happened-

    I had an idea. I downloaded a Windows gadget which reports earthquakes from all over the world. I noticed there was one out in the midwest. Again- I had the weather channel on.

    After a bit something real odd occurred- the table began to tremble, very slightly. I went into investigation mode and became very still and put my hands of the table. I felt a very very slight tremble. I checked my butt sitting on its chair- it reported back a very very slight tremble also. Then I checked my brains interpretation of this weirdness- it tole me ‘?’.

    This went on for about 10 mins. Then I happened to check the earthquake gadget, and it responded an earthquake in Virginia- around 5.5 on the seismac. “Nah”, i thought.

    A few moments later the weather channel spoke, “An earthquake has occurred in Virginia. Its tremors have been felt as far north as TORONTO”.

    Then I checked my earthquake gadget. Bingo.

    Just my opinion. But there is no force in our existence, and this includes nuclear fury, as massive as Mother Nature. When she hauls off and speaks her mind, hell itself runs for cover.

    Fuking 630 am, and now Im watching the unfolding of Hurricane Irene on same weather channel. Its category 2, heading for category 3 imminently, and racing headstrong for US.

    I love this stuff, save for the damage it does of course.


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  8. I would release tim wakefield right now. I think his continued failure to reach 200 has become the proverbial silver backed gorilla in his head.

    On a scale of The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, if you will.

    Give him a Cross Pen and Pencil set, and then tell him thanx and now please go screw.

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  9. YM-

    Im not going to be your ventriloquists (sp) dummy and help you make jokes about Our Beloved.

    You should join us in love and hope for baseballs most storied franchise, and then welcome the Light which will embrace you.

    You know folks …YM has great promise-

    I can see him one day living in an apt on Comm Ave…going to Sox games on Saturdays.

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