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Here I was

April 9, 2011 in Uncategorized


Nice seats

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  1. The sox have tried everything they can to fix dice k. It hasnt worked. I think the time has come to tell him,” Do as you wish. Whatever feels comfortable.

    Im also wondering if tek shouldnt catch more, and handle the starting pitching

  2. They are in near disarray. Maybe aceves

  3. This is so bad you hardly know where to even begin to fix it.

  4. Doubront would give you a better outting than that travesty last nite.

  5. Dont fret folks..as bad as this team is playing right now, they also have the capacity to reel off 10-12 in a row and win 30 out of 35.

  6. Its very crowded now. You have to take a number at the Tobin Bridge.

  7. pretty nice seat 。

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