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So how was YOUR weekend?

August 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yeah; mine wasn’t so hot either.

After travelling to Baltimore last weekend and witnessing the domination of the O’s, it was easy to come away feeling good about the Sox. 1/2 game back, swinging the bats well…at least ONE good starting performance…and here we sit one week later with the rug pulled out from under us.

The bright side, if there is indeed one, is that during this losing streak, a few of these games could have easily went either way. Also, we don’t have to ever see Smoltz pitch in a Sox uniform again.

In reality, we learned something we didn’t think possible after the first couple series with the Yankees. They are a far better team than the Red Sox in 2009. Not a single hole in their lineup, great 1-2-3 punch at the top of their rotation, and their bullpen is coming together nicely. And the Sox are moving in the opposite direction…the revolving door of suck that has been the SS position since 2005 continues to spin…Jason Bay has come back to earth in a BIG way…Ortiz has been not so good since the distraction of being named on that list…and after the first 2 starters, everything else is a crapshoot. Oh; and they got rid of one of their better bullpen arms for another bat.

I’m a Theo fan, but it is becoming painfully obvious that while he excels at the draft and player development…he’s had way more misses than hits when it comes to player acquisition.

So after what I’ve seen this weekend, I’m going to go right ahead and declare 2009 the battle for the wildcard for the Sox. And unless something dramatic happens in the next couple of months, I’m not too confident regarding the playoffs; even if they DO make it.

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  1. My weekend was great – got out to the Hamptons on Thursday, played 18 holes Friday morning, had dinner Saturday night at National in Southampton (and got the nod for 18 this coming weekend!), and got some QT in with the wife and kids at the beach Saturday and Sunday. Oh yeah, and watched the Yanks b-slap the Sox 4 straight. Thanks for asking!

  2. my pleasure!

  3. El Tiante………. ESPN tonight @ 10:00 if the Sox don’t F up the Detroit game.
    About a dozen years ago my good brother and I ran accross El Tiante at a St. Croix golf course.
    Monsoon rains forced us to the bar.
    We drank for 2 – 3 hours with Luis, he never bought a drink nor should he.
    I got pictures.
    F the yanks and F the Hamptons.

  4. Was in Rockport for the w/e, had me some fried clams and saw plenty of schlock art. Good to see Buchholz pitch OK, Wakefield will lead the team to the WC.

  5. I’m not quite dead yet. The Sox death will not have been in vain..actually i’m feeling much better…Who would have thought that the way to motivate guys was pissing them off…Mike Lowell

  6. This will most assuredly upset Theo lovers, but Pedro sure looked pretty damn good last night for Phillies. Here’s a guy, a lot younger than Smoltz, who admittedly looked soft the last few years for Mest and then couldn’t get a job. Why the Sox couldn’t take a flyer on him is beyond me. I’d have done it for his track record alone. Instead we get Smoltz, who then is such a jerk off, he won’t even take a minor league assignment to help the Sox…collect that 5.5 million John, you earned it, huh? He may go down as the worst Hall of Famer to ever play for Sox. Seaver was outstanding in 86 down the stretch, and Henderson at least had some games that he was productive. Pedro had some fire last night, i hope he continues to pitch well for them. He has come a long way, i think he also lost a little weight too. He was one of our team’s greats. and during the stinkin Steroid Era. Go Pay-dro!

  7. Derek Lowe ain’t too shabby too…5-0 last 7 starts

  8. I was really pulling for pedro last night. I was happy to see him do well. Way to go Petey!
    P.S. Miss you guys

  9. My weekend??? need you ask??? Spent the weekend at the baseball palace in the Boogiedown. To see the Bombers play up to their potential against the hated, steroid tainted sox, is hard to describe, but I will try for the many members of the nation unable to be there. Thursday, the Bombers totally dominate the weak-assed sox in a laugher. Friday, fully expecting Beckett to dominate, and watching him do so, we are treated to a spectacular outing by AJ who matches Beck pitch for pitch. Then after watching the majestic flight of the A-BOMB BY A-ROD in the wee hours of Saturday morning we walk-off to our cars on a cloud. Saturday, total domination by CC makes the pitiful sox offense look AAA-esque. Not complaining but, why get Kotchman when that makes the sox play Youk in LF??? Or Martinez when than puts Tek on the pines??? Why trade away Masterson??? Sunday, so how many consecutive scoreless innings is that now for the sox??? Jeez… Is was beautiful to see Johnny D help beat his former mates in dramatic fashion after the sox finally found the plate. All in all, a great weekend, fun was had by all…well, except for the sox’ fans sitting behind me…

  10. Hey chief, where is the text box in the new lounge chat room??? Help!!!

  11. Nice to see Theo finally filled the SS position with a quality infielder, I hear this Gonzales Guy can play, I hope he is better than the other Gonzalez that we had a while back. Maybe this guy can hit it ut of the infield.

  12. Nomar, The Muscle Head , and The Broom.
    Can we put the Hotties back up.
    Perhaps Jim Rice can get some props.
    Lets give the Lost Son of Havana some ink.
    Your approach to 2009 is a buzz kill.
    C’mon Chat Boss……..lets see positive mental attitude.

  13. ….. Ya Bum

  14. …Get Out

  15. …. Y-Man

  16. … See Ya

  17. Tard’s World – EEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  18. I concur w P. Its hard to see this team doing much this year. And I cant help wonder if the VM signing might have a downside in team unity.

    Big Baby

  19. There is a feeling of sadness about this board…

  20. Sadness….. ?
    Nothing but Re-Re’s here now.
    Bring Waldo back.

  21. Tonight is Yankees v sox, and there is no one here??? What in the bluest of blue hell is going on here???

  22. talk about bandwagon jumpers…

  23. Theo must have come across some of Dan Duquttes leftover stupid pills in a drawer in the office, Billy Wagner, shoulder fell off, pitched once since then (about a year off). Smoltz, Wagner, why not just have just grabbed Saberhagen. Was it too much to ask if they were going to sign a beat up old dude that it might have been Pedro, that would have been exciting and I would have been glued to evry Pedro pitch regardless.

  24. heel, i agree on the pedro thing…to take a flyer on him, and the fans would have roared having him out there. It would have been like watching Tiant in the late 70s..

  25. instead we got the always reliable John Smoltz, who proved that what he meant by being proud to be part of a storied franchise, he was actually talking about St. Louis

  26. thank goodness that grizzled veteran Penny stopped the yaks cold.

    the sight of those mid 90 fballs continually speeding over the heart of the plate, and then violently reversing course, sickens me.

    yak batters had those things timed better than a professional bank heist.


  27. DD references in here…LMFAO…

  28. Turnabout is fair play so far today, eh, YM?

    Chat is working, folks..



  31. Friends-

    o we now see why it took rice yrs to get voted in?


    *Flexing the muscles in his right arm, Rice said, “That’s all the steroids you need. … It’s called God-given talent.”*


  33. Speaking of Asshats, Papelbon and Billy Wagner could both be sitting up front as Tito drives the short bus to the off season.

  34. du-

    I thought Pappy played both sides of tyhe wagner issue quite well…
    *Yes we have no bananas.*

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