Welcome to the real schedule, Toronto

Gotta love home cookin’. The red-hot Blue Jays ran into the buzz saw that is the Red Sox at Fenway, and limp out only up 1/2 game. Sox pitching pretty good all the way around, and the hitters benefit from the fact that they didn’t face Halladay.

Jason Bay sure is making himself a ton of money for his next contract, eh?

I’m happy for Ortiz that he finally jacked one; but forgive me if I don’t declare him ‘back’ just yet.

Meanwhile, in the new launching pad in the Bronx, the Yanks remain red hot. Can they keep it up against good teams? We’ll see.

Manny suspended 50 games for drugs

Holy crap. As a Manny lover, I feel like I was just punched in the gut. You knew a Sox name would have to come out eventually…but call me naive; I thought Manny was natural. Initial reports are that it is a banned GNC supplement; announcement to come later today.

The bright side is, Boras gets screwed out of a few bucks…

Will the new launching pad in the Bronx

…be the place where Papi finally gets a dinger?

I’m not the only one who is really starting to worry about Ortiz, I assume?

Kind of a lost weekend in Tampa…lost in the suckitude that is Julio Lugo and Varitek’s arm is the fact that Penny pitched decent last night…I’ll take games like that one from the #5 starter every day and twice on Sunday.