Or not…

…regarding the Tex thing.  But I love the fact that they locked up Youks for a bargain basement price.

Congrats to Jim Ed for making the hall.

Seems like with about a month before Pitchers and Catchers, the only thing to resolve is the catchers.  I read this morning that Tek says he wants to retire as a Red Sox.

You can do that right now, Tek.  Hang ’em up.

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  1. So….what about the catching predicament?

    Seems the majority aint got a woodie for Tek…..what if he signed for 2mm or so?….would he be worth bringing back for that amount???…would if have to be contingent upon him grooming a “new Tek”…say Salty?

    Is Salty, or Teagarden, or Montero worth Bucholz?…if not, who is.

    What options do the Sox have at catcher?

    Do the Sox want to just buy some time and sign Pudge (or Tek) to a one year low bottom deal in hopes that the three touted catchers in the minors can make the move by late summer and be ready by next year?

    I have no idea…..this, to me, is a puzzler.

  2. I see tek signing a contract that includes a personal services section for after his retirement. Roving instructor and mentor to young pitchers and catchers. SO that they can sign him cheap, let him keep his pride and leadership and the sox will get him cheap.

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  3. Well, I think Papi playing for the DR is a WRONG MOVE and the Sox should stop that. He needs to understand that he’s paid by the Sox and looked to be a leader and top hitter. Instead we have a huge question mark at DH. Sorry, he’s been exposed without Manny, injury or not. He better deliver in 09.

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  4. Rumors that the longer things take, the more likely it is that Manny ends up in the Bronx – ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 New York Yankees!

    (1) D.Jeter – SS
    (2) H.Matsui – DH
    (3) M.Ramirez – LF
    (4) A.Rodriguez – 3B
    (5) M.Texiera – 1B
    (6) J.Posada – C
    (7) X.Nady – RF
    (8) R.Cano – 2B
    (9) M.Cabrera – CF

    Starting Rotation
    (1) CC Sabathia
    (2) Long Duck Dong
    (3) A.Burnett
    (4) A.Pettitte (still think he’s coming back)
    (5) P.Hughes

    Not too shabby.

  5. “Reward him for past contributions.” this was a line in CHBF’s column today about the Sox need to sign Varitek. It’s also a line that I think Wally and Porto used to chat-size me about players who were in negotiations with Sox. I’ve always said that it affected the Nomar negotiations way back when. But, I’ve now gone the other way and feel Porto/Wally are correct about spending money the right way–for future production and future employment. Varitek offers little in the way of offense, but I’m ok with him returning but only if he hits righty only and plays in 100 maximum games. Sign him for $3 mil and tell Tek it’s a 1-year contract, take it or leave it.

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  6. Torre, thanks for your input. I was just thinking about you when I watched the Giants game.

    Lets see how it all plays out, baseball season is right around the corner Thank God

    OGRS all

  7. I’ll be happy if we sign Tek at one yr. at $5 mil. plus a club option and a long term services contract, just don’t trade away any prospects who need time to prove themselves for catchers who are not that much better than Tek.

    While I am glad that the juvenile is gone, I do not want to see him on the Yankees this coming season. I will have some respect for the Yankees if they pass on him like all of the other teams have done. My guess is that the dire economic predictions and the Child’s reputation are the reason for his predicament. He may have one good year left on him so I hope that he goes to LA or another NL team.

  8. Wow….a Q sighting!!!

    Now word is Tek is considering rejecting the Sox deal that is about 10x better than anything he will be offered. And reports he’s considering sitting out 2009? A 37 year old catcher off of a couple of down offensive years? Good luck generating interest in 2010, bub.

  9. du, B’s in 7. . .Porto, maybe Q said it right: Tek Shmek. . .i’m done with the old-timer, he’s had a great career, i say he simply call it a day, have a press conference to announce his official retirement from MLB. . .how sad to end on such a crappy note.

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  10. Well….Tek is on board, and in a week the pitchers and catchers report.

    Hope “springs” eternal, eh.

    The smart move, in my opinion, would be for Theo to identify the guy who is going to be the catcher of the Sox for the next decade. I’m sure he is trying to do just that.

    Unless Tek has a unexpected resurgence offensively, he’ll be back again next season. Seems the perfect time to have him groom his replacement.

    I don’t know much about the youngsters in the system, and I’m not sure I’d give up Bucholz for either Teagarden or Salty….but I would not be surprised that something along the lines of an “heir apparent” for Tek may happen at some point this up coming season….I’m thinking by the trade deadline when other teams ( Texas…wink wink) will be desperate for pitching.

    Other than losing the Tex wine and dine saga, you got to like what the Sox have done over the off season. Team seems to be deep in pitching, on the bench, and the current line up will produce plenty of hits and runs. Not to mention some enticing talent in the system that may make some impact this season. Sure, there are question marks…but every team has those.

    My early prediction is the Sox will win at least as many games as last season. The question is…will that be enough to win the East?

  11. If any of you are planning to drive down here for spring training, do me a favor: stop in Georgia and open your car doors and luggage and let all that cold air out before you cross the border.

    It is f’ing freezing here right now because of all the cold air you chumps bring with you when you show up. Cater you can just drive on in we could use some of that hot air.

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  12. This is just for nostalgia buffs like Wally, etc….Freddy Lynn bulked up for the 1979 season working on revolutionary weight training equipment—Nautilus. . .He went on to hit 333, 39 hr, 122 RBI, 116 runs, 42 doubles and amazingly no MVP. . .If Fred had taken steroids, I think he would have gone down as the greatest player in major league history, smashing every record known to mankind. I’m just going to say that Lynn was in his short time in Boston the greatest CF in Sox history. Yeah, i said it….

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  13. Agreed cater.

    Speaking of ‘roids….holy sufferiung kee-rist, I am tired of this f’n soap opera…it just wont go away. I dont give a shit who did, and who didnt. My guess is more did than didnt…so, now there are rules, regs, and testing in place to control it. The players know the consequences if caught. Move on…let it go.

    I am not defending Aroid, but shit…as much as I despise him, I dont think it’s right to vilify him alone.

    Just stop the soap opera and move on….let play baseball!

    I am outraged at the outrage.

  14. LMFAO….who knows, chucks. I’m guessing it was prior to the actual steroids era…1979? On Bud Selig’s shame comment on ARoid, I have this to say about Big Bud, shame?
    1. An All-Star Game that ends in a tie?
    2. A WS game that should have been washed out?
    3. Has no problem letting Fox Sports/TV in general make everyone endure ridiculous late-night starting times for playoff games, forcing East Coasters to watch until 2 in the morning just to get a result?
    Shame? Man, talk about glass houses, Buddy boy

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