CC to the Yanks…Teixeira to Sox?

Depending on who you believe, the Sox are in the running for Teixeira, which would have to lead to other moves most likely regarding Youks or Lowell….another rumor is Lugo for Eric Byrnes, who I hate the same way I hated Jim Leyritz.

Of course, when the dust settles, CC, Burnett, Lowe, and Teixeira will all be in pinstripes.

107 thoughts on “CC to the Yanks…Teixeira to Sox?”

  1. Hey PSF,

    Thought you might like to know that your cousin Seth is appearing on local tv adds for, encouraging kids and their parents to “get out and enjoy the Maine winter wonderland”.

  2. ach,

    As of right now, the wife and I are planning on hitting Zephryhills the second week of March. She usually doesn’t come with me to Florida, unless we stay at a resort or hotel, but she has decided this year she would like a week or 10 days away from Maine in March….even if it means spending time in the geriatric park Dad calls home.

    Of course that means we will be coming to at least one ST game. I’ll keep you posted…perhaps we can hook up.

    At least I wont have to put up with my sister.

  3. So…Theo and the Holy Trinity are in Texas tonight to meet with Bore-ass….

    If memory serves me right…..when the Sox go to that extreme, they usually walk away with their man.

    Let’s see if that trend continues.

  4. If the Nationals are going to have pinstripes next year, then I agree regarding pinstripes. Who needs Tex when you have the incomparable Nick Swisher? I like the way that Cashman is spending money wisely and focusing on the youth moveme … oh, wait. Never mind.

  5. Balls…..

    Not only does the Boy Wonder have balls as big as a Maine lumberjack (yes yes…I cut my own firewood)…so does, it seems, the sometimes somewhat meek and mild persona that JH Henry projects, hide an equally large set of gonads.

    I love it!

    No matter the outcome, I applaud the way the Holy Trinity is approaching a very huge decision and mega potential investment.

    Eat shit Scott!

    Tex….be smart, take the oodles the Sox are willing to pony up and come join the party. The rings you are sure to earn over the next eight years, if in Boston, can easily be wrapped in a very protective coating of $100, 000.00 bills if you so desire.

    Just as an aside….gas is down, so too is Manny….such a shame.

  6. Friends-

    People sometimes talk about a huge comet hitting earth, causing a fiery explosion and massive heat wave.

    But what if the impact was on the north pole? Wouldnt that snuff it out?
    I grant though, it wouldnt be helpful to global warming and polar ice cap melting.

    *The Tall Glaciers*


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  7. Bloomberg reports that our radio messages to the stars have finally received a response!

    It is a .jpeg of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. THey are standing in an abandoned field in Dorchester, surrounded by old, rotting major appliances.

    Stay tuned to WRCH for this developing story.

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  8. rich,

    In spite of us both being homers…lifelong Sox fans, clearly the best all around offer that Tex is gonna get is the offer the Sox have made. He would become the new face of the franchise, thus catapulting himself into another stratosphere insofar as his “star”. He would, undoubtedly, make a fortune between the contract and endorsements as the face of the Sox, he would enjoy competitive baseball at a level he has rarely experienced on a daily basis. He would be fitted for WSC rings more than once. He would enjoy eight years of a team that will continually be at the top of their game with oodles of talent coming from a very deep farm system. He would be close to his boyhood home.

    NO OTHER team can offer that…no one.

    The Angels are on the west coast, and the money aint that much different.

    The Yanks?…phhht…they still have alot of problems that money aint fixing…they are old at many power postions….jeter is declining, no real 1Bman, their outfield just is old and sucks. They too need a catcher. Their pitching will be better, but please!…CC hasnt exactly been a Sox-slayer..especially in playoff games. Burnett?…phhhtt…he’ll be another Pavano.

    Tex, if he is smart, will take the Sox offer.

    Now, you go where YOU want to.

  9. bosoxfan Says:
    December 19th, 2008 at 5:09 am

    So much for the trend wally. He’ll be in pinstripes

    Torre; If the Nationals are going to have pinstripes next year, then I agree regarding pinstripes.

    I will accept your formal apology Torre at any time

    ty and good day

  10. What hurts the most is that the Yankees needed Tex and got him. We didn’t need him as much as they did. The Yankees who always win on the spending games did it again. Let’s hope that the Red Sox reliance on its farm system and draft picks overcomes the Yankee system in the future as it has done in recent years. There is now an opening still for Lars Anderson down the road. Now we need to address the immediate concerns – catcher, backup outfielders and shortstop, and another starter. Don’t feel so bad, 28 other teams have been outspent by the Evil Empire, misery likes company.

  11. Well, to start with I never said that the Sox WOULD sign Tex, I said that the Sox, in my opinion, had more to offer, over-all, than any other team, including the Yankees. I stand behind that statement. Clearly money, and only money, made the difference here. Will the Yanks be better with Tex….absolutely…will he be what he might of been in Boston…I dont think so.

    It occurs to me, some of us had an eerily similar discussion a few years back when the Sox were close to signing ARod.

    The Yanks will of course be the favorites with all that they have done over the winter…..but I still have my doubts.

    I’m not convinced that CC will be dominant in the AL east, and history shows that he, in fact, has not been.

    I think Burnett has almost Petey-like stuff on the rare occasions that he “is on”, but he has as much tendency to be a reasonable facsimile of Carl Pavano.

    The rest of the Yankee pitching staff is what it has been over the past couple of years…and Moose has retired. Wang…solid…is Pettitte coming back?…probably…in any case there are certainly questions with the rotation, the middle relief and who knows what Skelator will be with another year on his arm.

    The young guns the Yankees possess have some upside, but none of them (other than Joba) has really shown anything that is overly impressive.

    The rest of their farm system is not as deep or fruitful as the Sox farm system…at least not to this point.

    Their defense is not particularly solid, especially in the infield (Tex will help some)…Jeter has the worst range of any SS, and Arod is better than average at 3B but not as good as either Lowell or Youks. Cano is a solid guy at 2B and a damn good hitter…but I’ll take half pint over him, anyday. The outfield is going to be a challenge for them as well. They have no true CFer anymore, and other than Nady no one that has better than average defensive abilities or arm.

    They, like the Sox have some questions at the all important position of catcher… seems the Yanks have alot of 4th OFer’s and DH’s.

    They will, undoubtedly, hit the ever living shit out of the ball….but I’m not sure they will be all that much improved pitching or catching the ball.

    The Sox certainly have certainly absorbed a huge blow….not only not signing Tex, but losing him to the Yankees….but they may be able to overcome that with the depth they have. to this point, the Sox have done little to change the makeup of the 08 squad….they need to address a few things…namely catching, and I’d like to see another solid guy on the mound….The pen could always use another good arm or three, and I am a bit worried about the transition from the Ortix/Manny duo to what ever we will see going forward, but I do think the Sox will have some answers to these concerns, and I expect the starting rotation will be the best in the AL, thus keeping the Sox in contention. Still a pretty solid lineup if everyone stays healthy and hits their career averages…..

    I have to wonder what happened behind the scenes that allowed the Yanks to pull this off. I find it hard to believe the Sox would just walk away from signing Tex for a matter of 10-12mm over 8 years….there has to be more to it than that. Maybe Henry’s enigmatic email stating “The Sox wont be a factor” in signing Tex had more meaning than any of us know. Maybe there was something else, besides the money, the Sox found not to their liking…

  12. Here in Maine, the sky IS actually falling……I aint dreaming of a white Xmas…but I sure as hell am gonna have one.

    That said….I dont think we are “doomed”…..just challenged.

  13. Asleep at the wheel?….maybe, but…..

    I’ve read that Tex AND his wife both are/were opposed to Boston….or living in Boston. I find that a bit surprising, but the story seems to have some merit.

    Ifso factso, then the Sox were correct in not paying a premium to entice him to come to Boston…..last thing the Sox need is another over-priced, over-hyped baseball player who is in Boston for the money, and only because of the money…..much rather have that player in NY.

    Dont forget the Sox played pretty solid ball AFTER the departure of meathead…oops, I mean Manny. They came awfully close to the WS…one game….one stinking game.

    Will the Sox be worse next year IF they do nothing (except sign a catcher, that is)??. Will the Yanks be 8 games better? Do you think the Rays will win as many games?

    I think the Sox WILL make a few moves…but those moves will pale in comparison to what then Yanks have done…and that may be a blessing in disguise.

    The MFY’s have just committed damn near $450 million…MILLION!….450 of them!!!…they sure as fuck are desperate, now aint they?

    Would you be willing to part with that much for those three players?

    Looks like the Yanks are repeating history to me…and I aint talking the mid 90’s to the year 2000….think more recent.

    Talk about asleep at the wheel.

  14. The Yanks are trying to win, so they signed the 3 best available players. As for Tex, maybe he talked to Manny about the “fishbowl” of Boston. I’m actually more upset about Cash, the backup catcher, who seemed to have some talent…(threw out a runner in the playoffs, hit a dinger in the playoffs, proved to be a very able catcher for Wakefield). The Sox think anyone can catch Wakes, apparently. I disagree, I think it takes a lot of work. The Sox have the money to do what it pleases, please believe that. This is about the Sox management playing hardball with UberAgent, and losing again. They seem to always let Boras get the best of them, rather than maybe think about the greater good of winning.

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  15. Couldn’t agree with you more cater. Wakes starts should be an adventure this season.

    As far as Teixeira, if he was the most “sought after” free agent on the Sox Christmas wish list, they should fire whoever wrote the Dear Santa letter. The never went after him hard, tried to woo him in anyway, other then a half assed attempt at the end of raising the deal a mere 2 mill. They left the door open to the evil empire and they snatched him.

    Congrats to the WV Mountaineers!!!

    GO PATS! errrr GO Jets

  16. Brett Testaverde.

    Its just amazing how the jets over the years can completely fukup themselves, other teams, their grandmas, and the fuking game itself.

    Incredible how they can surgically fukup whatever they touch.

    Brett Testaverde. He SHOULD retire.

    And clean fishtanks the rest of his life. He is a loathsome fuk.


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  17. I too like Cash…and am sorry to see him go, but…if the sox have signed Bard back, I am equally happy. I thought that Bard was a guy that never got a fair shake in Boston, and could be a great back up catcher for several years. He’s got some pop…a good arm, and is a switch hitter to boot. Nice.

    He is not going to be the heir apparent, but could bridge the gap.

    My guess is that Tek will now be re-signed….of course I dont like either catching Wakes….but whatchoo gonna do?

    Penny….serviceable stud at the 5th spot. With the depth the Sox have at pitching…I can live with that decision too.

    I hope the Sox bring Kotsay back.

  18. Let me just say….that Tek, as great as he is..”calling games”…and is better than average defensively, with a mediocre arm…sucks when it comes to reaction…he is slow…therefore he will ubersuck at attempting to catch Wakes….then again, so will Bard.

    That is all.

  19. One more thing….

    dannycater Says:
    December 28th, 2008 at 1:44 am

    The Yanks are trying to win, so they signed the 3 best available players.

    Jesus suffering Kee-rist!….”signed the 3 best available players”….please cater….they unabashedly spewed their load all over the faces of those three… could they resist??

    sorry…I’m in a mood tonight.

  20. Kottarus can catch the knuckleball, he did it all year with Zink. He had some power last year with 28 HRS. My guess is that Varitek won’t be back since the FO is fuming at how Boras handled the Tex scenario. Today’s news quoted Boras as saying that the NYY had an offer on the table the whole time, something that Cashman denies.
    Waldo was right in saying that Tex favored being a Yankee. His next door neighbors and his family have said that he wanted to be a Yankee in his conversations last summer. He also confessed that Don Mattingly was his childhood idol and that a relative was a good friend of Bucky Dent. My impression is that if Boston had played the Boras game that the Yankees would have gone up past $200 mil. with their offer and that the last chance bid always would been the Yanks.

    So we lost December like we do nearly every year. Get used to it. Our payroll last yr. was $70 mil. less than Yanks and that gap will widen in the future since the Wall Street bailout crooks will be sitting in the suites in the new Stadium. The rest of MLB teams( 20 of the 28) are doomed. This is the American Way however, those blessed with a population density and media market will get richer and those in smaller markets will get poorer. Success breeds more success, failure breeds failure. Time for a salary cap? Who knows that answer because if the Yanks were capped then they would build the best scouting and farm system that money can buy and beat us there also. At the time, we are best at that.

    So there were four prime free agents, two of them injury prone ( Sabathia and Burnett ), One who wanted to be a Yank, and Lowe who had a good contract year after three mediocre years. So the perception is that the FO goofed by not throwing a wheelbarrow of $$$ at them. Then again perhaps history will prove that the best action was no action. The Yanks outspend everyone year after year and what good has it done for them. Let’s let the recession and lack of a spotlight bring down these ridiculous salaries and then bargain for our needs without panicking like the Yanks did. Yankees can only buy 40 expensive players, after that they are fortifying Wilkes-Barre- Scranton. Tampa Bay, Minnesota, and Oakland seem to do fine without such obscene spending. Money has to be saved to pay Youk, Paps, and Beckett down the road with extended contracts.
    Cater: Cash hit .180 last year but is a good defensive catcher but I don’t live in Pawt like our scouts do so I don’t understand why he was non-tendered and the Yanks picked him up. Perhaps they were rubbing salt into our wounds that day.
    Fishbowl of Boston ?? My 27″ TV was my fishbowl and I saw what Manny did in June and July and I didn’t have to be brainwashed by the evil media villains with their kool-aid propaganda to see why the team wanted Manny gone. He wanted the options to disappear and go after a four year contract and he got it, he made his bed and must now sleep in it. Boras will always screw the teams who can’t put up the highest bid therefore we lose when we don’t agree with the value that Boras places on a player. It’s like going to an auction and outbidding Bill Gates. We did beat him in the Dice-K game but the circumstances were unusual for that.
    Let’s not forget how well the present front office has done. We can’t afford to make the mistakes that others have made. Look at the long term FA signings in the last 10 years and see how many were busts. Lastly, the Yankees ownership is 35 yrs. old and all morgages were paid and they get mucho help from NYC and NYS. The Red Sox have new ownership and debt to pay off and get little help in public funds. The Yankee wealth according to Forbes is about $1,5 bil. compared to Boston’s .8 bil.. The Red Sox have a budget that they must adhere to, they do not have a money tree – the new Stadium has many corporate boxes, Yank run shops, restaurants, $2500 per game seats. We won’t be outspending them, no way. Savor doing it the hard, cheap way in the future because that is how we will have to do it. AMEN

  21. If this was the year that Mauer was available and the Yanks swooped in at midnight like an owl and stole him away then I would really be pissed, however while we would have loved to have had Tex and then trade Lowell later ( when he got healthy), the need wasn’t that great. What hurts is that our ego got hit hard because of the timing of it all and who won the coveted prize. I can remember the hurt when Theo bought out that hotel in Cuba in order to sign Contreras only to have the Yanks sign him at the last minute, then the hurt from the Pavano hunt. Things worked out OK for us however. There were many other bad deals for the Yanks but I don’t feel like looking them up. Keep the faith. Put on the DVDs of 2004 and 2007 and enjoy the memories once again. Light up the fireplace, have a brandy washed down with a Sam Adams, screw your 401K balance, and relax.

  22. Happy New Year,

    I am hoping that all of you can rest up this offseason because we all know you have all worked so hard and that while we may not have all reached our goals in 2008 we will be well rested for 2009.

    I also want to let you all know that there is a bridge near my house that I can sell you for a very low fee and for a bit more money i will construct a toll booth.

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  23. Your goals in 2008 were to win the World Series?

    My neighbor’s goal was for his daughter to be valedictorian in her high school class of 800 students. She failed as her grade point index was 96.7 %, a second place to 96.9%. He was extremely disappointed with her complete failure as a daughter and Sarah is being punished by having her paint the house next year using a toothbrush. I myself refused to get involved in the problem since I love my daughter and consider her to be a success even though she only scored a 88.5%.

    You sell bridges to nowhere? I will relay that information to Sarah Palin. Thank You.

  24. wally, good to see some offseason fire from you. yes, the yanks spent ridiculous cash for three guys and Cash, but they were the 3 best available, and it’s hard to avoid saying they have 2 quality starters and a .315, 30, 110 RBI guy who scores 100 runs too. The Sox have Lowell coming back, which I like, but for how long? Youkilis may have had his career year, and maybe Pedroia too, we have no idea, both were amazing and if they don’t play like that the Sox aren’t GM 7 in ALCS. Ortiz is a question mark, making a signing or trade for a top line hitter a necessity. Sox also are abound in question marks at SS, C, and 4th OF. Theo has work to do, if you have faith in him, then let’s see him do it. So far, I see little from Boy Wonder.

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  25. cater,

    My friend…..I see “Boy Wonder” in different eyes (or eye as the case may be) than you.

    I see an ownership that has established a two time WS Championship team, that has made the playoff every year since they have taken the helm. I see the not so gradual development of perhaps the best, if not one of the three best farm systems in the game. I see a commitment to a plan/system that will continue to keep the Sox at the top of the heap competitively without casually and irresponsibly spending money like a drunken sailor….even though the organization has the money to throw around like the Yanks. I see this all happening in the very short window of time of the past 5 years. I’d say that is at the least impressive, perhaps even remarkable.

    For that, Theo and the trio gets the benefit of doubt from me. My considered opinion is that he/they are at least aware of the opportunities and the potential fallout of them as any of us fans are.

    Before you go on a cater-rant…I am also aware of the periodic “failures” of the current administration when it comes to specific trades, non trades/signing..etc. Over-all…..I’ll take the “Boy Wonder” with his hand on the rudder……we aint sank yet, and it’s not likely that we will.

  26. i think the angels and to a degree the red sox have proven which way to go in winning or losing. the sox more or less won 2 WS titles due to the influx of quality free agents, not the farm system. The farm system may have gotten the Sox to the ALCS Gm 7, but not the WS title (i.e. manny, beckett, schilling, etc). I love the farm system argument because often it makes a team strong overall, but it won’t lift a team over the top, or at least in the Sox case. That’s why the clamoring for Teixschankeestripeboy, or the lust over a Sabbathia by Yanks. The Sox lusted and got Schilling and it worked, for far cheaper albeit at an older age. Still, the philosophy is the same. You can only take the farm so long, and then you have to get the big free agents, that’s how the Sox won 2 WS titles with acquisitions, not with who came up from the minors to play shortstop. The angels will never win with Moreno’s mindset. It will make the playoffs, and then lose to a better team because it won’t spend. Maybe the Phillies and Rays are contradictory to the money buys system, but I think it was more of a fluke year. Sox probably would have won with Manny not in his contract year. I thought his bat was the missing link.

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  27. Well, just because the media, Boras, and many bored hotstove junkies said that those three were the best available doesn’t make it so. History will prove someday if that was so. It is funny how we distrust the media for so many things and then we value every word that they utter about how great the current crop of free agents are. If CHB had defined the top three FA, would we believe it?

    Isn’t it wonderful that the other teams are always nurturing the great farm systems that will provide us with the best players that will be free agents 5-7 years from now. It is so easy to have a Yankee fan mentality and wait for the other teams to do the scouting, drafting, development, and MLB conditioning, and then when they see the cream of the crop, and open up the wallet and buy those stars and appease the fanbase. Shallow, simplistic fans really have an identity with an ownership that has the best team that money can buy. Man, how I wish that Bill Gates was our owner instead of John Henry. Then rooting for the Red Sox would be like shooting moose from an airplane. How easy it would be, we could watch three innings, get ahead by 7-0 and then go to the beach.

    I don’t really what would have put us over the top in the recent ALCS. Would it have been a less tired Papelbon or Lester, an injury free Lowrie, Lowell, or Ortiz, Wakefield and Timlin off the roster, a quicker hook by Tito, Manny instead of Bay – who knows. I recently read that Bill James said that you also need to be lucky in the postseason. Did we not win a game in the 2004 postseason because Tony Clark’s double to right somehow bounced into the stands for a ground rule double? Didn’t Dave Roberts beat Posada’s throw to 2nd by an eyelash?

    Theo has said ownership’s plan is to win 95 or more games per year, he does not guarantee a World Series Championship every year. That is what I hold him responsible for – his promise. If we lose the ALCS on a walk off HR off Papelbon next October despite winning 98 games during the season, I personally will not be out for Theo’s head.

    I was surprised to see the term “Boy Wonder” since I expected it to be what the forums and blogs are saying ” Boy Blunder”. The Yankees still have work to do at C, 2nd, and the OF, let’s see what Cashman ” Man Blunder” can do. Our bullpen looks much better than the NYY. Jeter was rated as worst SS in MLB on defense. Posada signing a long term deal was a big blunder by Cashman. The Yankee OF is terrible on defense – pre-Manny. But wait, this is not a forum to be critical of Cashman, it is a forum to be critical of “Boy Wonder”. I expect more moves from Theo also in the coming days, damn isn’t Winter slow and boring?

  28. cater,

    The bat Manny carried in LA…yes, THAT would have put the Sox over the top…in spite of the horrid pitching that truly is why the Sox did not advance to the WS.

  29. methinks rich is trying to be provocative.


    Were the Sox “boring” last season?

    Same team really…maybe better in the relief corps.

    Was Manny really that much of a factor?…the Sox played better baseball after he left, I believe.

    I’ll take a healthy Ortiz along with Half-pint, Bay,Drew,Youks, and Lowell….

    Not to mention Ellsbury and Lowry should only improve…Lowry had more than one huge hit last season….

    Is this the most prodigious line up in Baseball…or even the AL east?…nah….but it aint boring either.

    Perhaps the best, or at least one of the top 3 pitching staffs, and a very solid defense, along with one of the top 4 lines up offensively in the AL east will make for alot of things, but not boring.

    Just because the MFY’s went all “bucket list” …doesnt mean the Sox have all of a sudden become the weak link.

    Barring insurmountable injuries, why should the Sox not win 95 this season?

    What was the record against the MFY’s last season?…a split essentially?…

    The MFY’s have once again stolen all the big headlines, and they “swooped in” and once again nabbed a player the Sox “should have”…phffft!…how’d that work out for them last time.

    The game… played on the field, not in the over-hyped media, thankfully.

    Would I have liked Tex in the lineup?…sure…but I also wanted Arod way back in the day.

    There is no “white flag” flying in Maine.

  30. I saw Yeomans at the BSO last week and he also had his dog with him. It is nice of BSO management to allow pets now in the upper confines of the balcony. Yeoman’s dog started howling however once the fat lady sang the soprano solo in the finale. I thought that one of the violinists was a dead ringer for Sarah Palin.

    The new MLB Network channel had some good stuff on today Enjoyed watching Ted Williams go 4-6 in that last day of the season to end up at .406. Saw a few of you guys in the crowd. Did not enjoy watching Don Larsen’s perfect game – damn Yankees.

  31. Omigosh the globe has two headlining puff pieces on JASON BARD today. Sox flunky writers must have gotten big buks from the Boy Under for this crp.

    This fuking flesh eating off season has the sox headed straightaway to THIRD place. Unfukingbelievable.

    You know how just before a ship goes down it tilts vertically toward the sky?

    Thats precisely where the sox are. They have too many questions and yes- Ortiz is one of them.

    :( herb

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  32. You know I started coming in to these fuking chatrooms back in 1999. And the thing is….I stopped aging.

    Thats right- I look exactly the same now as I did in 1999.

    If you dont believe me, check out the front cover of the Feb 1991 edition Rolling Stone- yes thats me on its front cover wearing bell bottoms.

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  33. Sox get Green
    The Red Sox have agreed to terms with infielder Nick Green on a minor league deal and will invite him to major league camp…

    THeyre a big old train, travelling backwards. With empty boxcars.

    Thero Nero is down at 4 Yawkey Way, fiddling.

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  34. Waldo:
    Asleep at the wheel?….maybe, but…..

    I’ve read that Tex AND his wife both are/were opposed to Boston….or living in Boston. I find that a bit surprising, but the story seems to have some merit.

    Ifso factso, then the Sox were correct in not paying a premium to entice him to come to Boston…..last thing the Sox need is another over-priced, over-hyped baseball player who is in Boston for the money, and only because of the money…..much rather have that player in NY.

    Waldo was right in saying that Tex favored being a Yankee. His next door neighbors and his family have said that he wanted to be a Yankee in his conversations last summer. He also confessed that Don Mattingly was his childhood idol and that a relative was a good friend of Bucky Dent.

  35. Indeed- if you have some cheese whiz on hand you can make yourself a spam and cheese sandwitch. Use wonder bread, and do not toast or grill.

    Wash it all down with a tall glass of lemonade and feel all the fat and acid wrecking havoc in your body.

    Who…Pop Tarts, of course!


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  36. Bard, Baldelli, Smoltz, Penny…

    High upside potential at a very low cost and even lower risk.

    Takes 25 guys….

    Not too shabby so far.

    NOW, it remains to be seen if the Sox will part with Bucholz for Teagarden or Salty. I’m reading the Sox wont sign Tek unless he agrees to a “paltry” 2mm one year deal…..they would, it seems, rather have the draft choices.

    Who knows the reality?…not any of us.

  37. And they say that Boston fans are the most knowledgeable fans in the world.

    This will make you chuckle…..

    According to the Globes poll:

    about 50% of the respondents are royally pissed that the Sox didnt sign Tex and about 50% blame someone for it…’s sliced up between Bore-ass, Tex and his wife, and Theo.

    Another 50% want the Sox to do something desperate…which include trading for Peavey, Mauer, or signing DLowe, and/or Tek.

    Yet, well over 50% think the Sox will win the east in 09.

    How can anyone NOT like the Baldelli signing?…the guy has a cannon-arm, incredible range in the field, can pick em up and put em down…(yes yes I know, he doesnt have the raw speed of Coco (who I loved, btw), but he sure as shit has more attributes..such as power and average IF healthy)….I mean c’mon, aint he worth the risk?

    Is anyone gonna tell me that Smoltz is another Wade Miller???…please.

    Is there anyone on this site who didnt love Bard when he was with the Sox before?

    Penny is you nay-sayers ONLY fucking shot at the whine and cheese soiree….and wtf…the guy has a power arm and is worth the low cost risk considering the depth the Sox have at pitching…..AND the every-maturing talent on the Farm oh so close to making an impact.

    This team won 95 games last year…..I cant see how they have gotten any worse…in fact my guess is, that the same team, devoid of all those injuries, may of won 100.

    I am NOT predicting 100 wins.

    I am saying the Sox have gotten better…depth-wise.

    No big splash, but then they didnt need to…..the Mother Fuckers did need to. I remind you all the last time the Yankees won it all, they had a very balanced and solid team,…defense, and pitching, as well as the hitting the ever living snot out of the ball.

    Their defense, at best is marginal, at worst…truly sucks.

    Their pitching is almost as suspect as it was a year ago….based on the numbers and historical data.

    I leave you all this to consider:

    Chicken Little resides in NYC, not in the Nation.

  38. How about Pavano, Sheffield, Contreras, Valasquez, Jaret Wright, Randy Johnson, in past seasons. You bank on your system of success with obscene spending and we will stand by ours with scouting, draft picks, farm system development, smart trades, and smart frugal spending for free agents. Quite often intelligence beats automatic robotic spending. The Yankees will always win the December game but in recent years they lose on the field during the season. Loyal fans like Waldo get more enjoyment out of one pennant than Yankee fans or whining Sox fans get out of five pennants. But thanks Yankeeman for your cryptic, two minute effort and contribution to Please come again. A true baseball fan reads everything available for hours per day, others watch horseshit on TV instead and are brainwashed as to if you don’t sign these Boras agents with a wheelbarrow full of $$$ then you are a doomed franchise. Please come again into the forum when you have more to contribute.

  39. Yes Pedroia is awesome, you must tip your hat to the FO for being patient and letting Loretta go.

    Yes the media defined the game ( Sabathia, Burnett, Tex, and Lowe ) and the ignorant took the bait, especially the Yanks. The bait was there in previous years and somehow Tampa Bay and Minnesota didn’t bite and excelled despite it. Talk radio is myopic in thinking that success revolved around those free agents. Don’t prospects grow off of the same tree that free agents come off of.

    Why do Patriot fans like and trust a FO that does things the same way as the Sox FO does, be intelligent, get role players, stay within a budget, and pay for next yr’s performance not past performance. Loyalty to star players doesn’t mean shit if they are going over the hill. I’m so sorry that the Patriots came up short this year but they did have a great season, all is not lost, try to savor some good memories of them – otherwise your time and attention was a complete waste of time. Again, why don’t the Patriots FO and Bellichick get the criticism that the Sox FO gets all of the time, perhaps it is because it is easy to be critical of nine players instead of 50 players hidden behind helmuts and shoulder pads.

  40. Patriots have a salary cap, Red Sox do not.
    Patriots won 3 Super Bowls and lost in the final minute of a 4th
    Patriots had a perfect regular season, first to go 16-0
    Patriots went 11-5 WITHOUT Tom Brady, and lost 8 other starters during the season.
    What in blazes is this wingnut talking about?

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  41. A sad state for MLB, 29 teams suck because they couldn’t or wouldn’t match the spending of the #1 team in wealth. In fact, the closest team next to them in payroll was $70 mil behind them. At least, the Yankees aren’t owned by Bill Gates because then the second team would have no chance whatsoever to compete. The game was over in Decenber. At least I can now sell my TV sets and radios and go to the beach for the summer. All is lost. At least my grandfather and father never gave up and pulled the plug on their Red Sox but then perhaps they were not fatalists or else they enjoyed the game more. All is lost. Losing that game #7 in the ALCS, I was so down that I almost jumped off the John Hancock tower but then I said ” Hey the Celtics just might just win every single game this year.”

  42. I cant say enough about Jim Ed making the HOF. I’ve been waiting and hoping for this for years! In this abysmal off season, it’s nice to have something to cheer about! CONGRATS JIM well deserved!!!!

  43. agreed, Rice making it should be a message to all those moronic voters who couldn’t ascertain Rice’s greatness during his reign of terror on AL pitching. Rice was jobbed by a newer group of voters, who play the Jayson Stark game of dissing great players and promoting steroids users.

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  44. rice’s signature, late-in-his-career 5-4-3 double play balls have continued smoothly into the NESN sportscenter booth. i choose to remember the younger Rice whose bat snapped in half on a check swing because he had forearms that could be used by 24’s Jack Bauer as lethal weapons. I really didn’t think he would get enough of the votes.

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  45. If you PSF guys have the new channel MLB Network on your TV then you should tune in tonight to the 2007 World series with the Colorado Rockies – Sat. night 01-17, thank you, that is all. Carry on. Sorry to interrupt.

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