The good news is…

…the Sox have never lost a game I attended while they were facing elimination.  Game 6 in 2004, Game 6 last year.  My wife and I will be there tomorrow night, so hopefully the streak continues.

I’m honestly not too confident in a repeat of 2004/2007 comebacks.  The Rays are just a flat out better team right now.  If the next 3 Sox starters can pitch like they are able to, then there is SOME chance…but I’m not feelin’ it.

I do like the fact that Maddon moved Kazmir to Game 5.

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  1. Maddon is just looking for the bigger party by clinching at home.

    I was surprised by Lester’s outing, but Beckett is pitching hurt. *oblique strain* Better install some indoor mounds at Fenway by next year so our ace doesn’t have to throw his bullpen on wet ground again.

  2. Good idea Rock and next year with the Sox opening the season in Boston, they might have snow on the ground. True on Beckett, he is pitching injured obviously. Too many injuries this year but the team did well in spite of them. Some pruning of the tree to be done by Theo this winter, keep the farm boys coming up, buy a free agent or two. Send Ellsbury, Bard, Lars Anderson to winter ball.

  3. rich. I wan’t being rude. My adsl connection went down before I could reply. Typing this from my cell. Anyway, thanks for yr remark. I am sure that we’re all looking forward to the New Rich season in ’09. Just watch out for the icicles on opening day.

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  4. Timmy you lucky bastid!!! I can’t imagine being in fenway for THAT!

    WOW, Most amazing game I’ve ever seen……… Too bad i have to work tomorrow, no sleep for me tonight!!!

    GO SOX!


  5. What a miracle. I have it on DVD. Thanks to Pedroia and Crisp for their gutty ABs, and of of course the power hits by Papi and JD Drew. Relief pitching again was great. Pray to the Sox god that we get some starting pitching in Tampa. I will definitely watch this recording again. No matter that we lose, this game is a fantastic memory to savor over the winter. What a comeback.

  6. What can I say.
    I had my alarm set at 1.59am.
    My eyes opened up and I said why not?
    Went downtairs and switch the TV on.
    After 6 inning my mouth was dry, my heart was empty, my hope…well.

    Then I thought of Timmy.
    Just a second, one little thought.
    I thought of 1929, the Wall Street crash, and the comeback by the Philadelphia A’s. Wall Street crash…mmmmh, something common.
    I thought of that fucking movie, Fever pitch.
    1-2-3. just three little thoughts put together.

    Bloody hell, he’s going to happen again.
    So I didn’t move from my couch and…

    And IT DID!

    now let’s get to game 7

    p.s. I just hope the empty seats they show a few times weren’t Timmy’s!

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  7. I was at the Miracle on Manchester. It was for you history buffs probably the most improbable comeback in a playoff game in sports postseason history. 5-0 lead for Edmonton Oilers, an up-and-coming future group of superstars, after 2 periods. They were laughing and pointing at the scoreboard at the end of the 2nd period, mocking and having way too much fun on the other team’s home arena. Well, it was 5-0 at Fenway, and there’s a shot of I think Matt Garza giving the ssssh visual salute while laughing after another sox rally fizzled. Then it became 7-0, and some fans were leaving early, just like at the LA Forum. Well, the Rays got their Mojo Sports Magic last night. And the sleeping Sox Giant is now awake. Fasten your seatbelts….What fantastic at bats by Crisp and Pedroia way back when it was still 7-0…I mean I keep thinking of how both battled and got the sox that first run. Drew has had about 8 or 9 amazing clutch hits going back to June and the All-Star game and the Angels win. Big Papi was overdue. Then Crisp’s epic at bat and single to right to tie the game..I have given Coco abuse often over the past few year, but I also advocated his rejoining the lineup going back to early this series. He is playing like a WS champion, and that’s what you want in that lineup. Go Sox!!!

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  8. After I got banned again last night for saying that I had the game on radio, I noticed that Waldo was in the room until about the 7th inning and then I saw that he was exiled to the Patriots room. Waldo must have said something that irritated Chucks or PSF such as I like the TBS announcers, or Tito is a fine manager, or Manny was disloyal to RSN. Waldo always had well thought out opinions backed up by facts and was always well read. Perhaps Waldo was being the only optimist in a den of cynics and pessimists. Anyway I’ll be on the edge of my chair again tonight hoping for the culmination of the miracle of 2008, oh I forgot Cater says that it is all a waste if we don’t win the WS. Anyway, this team has done a fine job considering the multitude of injuries that they’ve had. Hats off to them. Yogi Berra told me that nobody goes to PSF chat anymore because it is too crowded (Standing Room Only).

  9. If you are going to misquote me, misrepresent me, or basically make crap up as it goes along, which is clearly your agenda, then how bout you take this to heart—Cathy, You’re the person in the classroom who runs his/hers nails down the chalkboard to make the loudest, unbearable screeching sound. You draw attention to yourself by doing that, but all you really do is leave that painful pitch sound in everyone’s ears.

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  10. Actually, I jokingly banned Waldo because he was logged in without saying a word all night. I immediately unbanned him.

    You, on the other hand, are a humorless see you next Tuesday who is more concerned about how other people are chatting/rooting than you are about the game.

    Plus, the Sox haven’t lost since I banned you. So whatever works…

  11. I was banned?

    This is an outrage.

    If I’d only been there to bitch about it.

    Ahhh well….it was a great ride this season.

    Cant expect to have miracle comebacks every year, I suppose.

    Tip o’ the cap to those upstarts.

    Phillys in 5.

  12. It’s been a great although trying season. The postseason was great, Lowrie walk off plus the greatest comeback in LCS history.

    Game Seven was a bit of a letdown. As we, now, expect them to pull it off every time.

    What a change form the Sox of the past!

    Thank you everyone for sharing it.
    I promised next year I will be here more.

    Ciao everyone!

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  13. I for one am crushed… my mind set as far as the sox go, is far far different then it was before 04, I fully expected them to win last night, to the point where I was saying “wait, hold on a minute, when it was over” Oh well, at least I can look forward to endless episodes of “family guy” to get me through the winter. I hate the off season…. OGRS guys

  14. Thanks again to PSF. Living here at the end of the earth it is hard to tune into the games and without the room and it’s patron’s it just would not be as fun.

    It has been a long ride since the room was established and isn’t it great that PSF built it just the right time in the history of the team and it paid off in excitement and enjoyment. Sometimes I used to wonder if we would all still continue to be as passionate afterward. It is still fun and some of the best laughs I get all week are due to the wit of all of you folks.

    See you all in the new room that PSF will be adding to the site, Wally Chat, where you can discuss heated socks, ex-figure skaters, recipes, the days new music, and all other discussions that will help us through the winter.


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  15. My husband and I live on a 3 acre plot, and I’d like to keep a goat or two at one end of the property to keep the grass down (in addition to being good pets).

    I have two questions for you:

    1) I want to satisfy their social needs. Will they be happy enough if I only have 2 of them? I only have an acre or so I want to keep them in, and it sounds like I’ll already need to supplement their diets even during the summer months, so I’d like to have as few as possible while still keeping them happy.

    2) How closely cropped will they keep the grass? Also, are they thorough in their grazing? I don’t want that plot to look bad, but I also want it to be as maintenance-free as possible.

    Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you.

  16. judging that you asked this question on a sox blog, i will try to answer this as best I can. I think 2 goats is more than enough, especially if they are each of a different sex. They can mate, they can love each other, they can keep each other company on cold nights. I think the grass issue is up to the goats. If the goats are willing to go the extra mile for you, then you will be fine. But if they are lazy goats, then issues will arise. You may want to consult the Farmer’s Almanac.

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  17. Good to see Sir Timothy re-upped once again.

    Lotta noise about the Tex sweepstakes… question that bat would really be fantastic in the middle of the line-up, but the cost would most likely be Lowell. I mean someone has to go, no?

    Gonna be an interesting hot stove season…..

  18. BTW ach,

    My wife, my sister and I took my Dad and stepmother out for dinner the day before Dad and Gloria went back to Florida for the winter. It was October 8th.

    We went to the little pub here in town called Rollies…which you have heard me speak of before. Of course who should be our server but the ex-figure skater. My wife surprised me a bit by commenting to her that she has an incredible physique and asked her how she managed to stay in such great shape. As I nonchalantly whistled a tuneless tune and pretended to not pay attention, the ex figure skater explained that while she no longer skates professionally, she has won awards for female body building over the past several years…and went on to explain her workout routine accompanied by some thoughtful bending and stretching to emphasize her points.

    I’m not sure, but I believe the solid kick to my shin under the table was a direct result of my eyes pointing at the ex figure skaters ass whilst she was in one of those very helpful bends/stretches as she explained her routine.

    I love Rollies……

  19. Cathy-

    In regards to your question about only 2 goats, you should know that they dont fare well without other animals nearby. Just the two alone will bore themselves to death.

    You should have at least 4 other species of animals in their proximity (cows horses wolves etc)

    Youre welcome in advance,

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  20. Man 1- You know a dog can lick his own balls.

    Man 2- Wow- Wish I could do that.

    Man 1- Well you should shake his hand first.

    Doctor- You know you really should stop masterbating.

    Patient- Why?

    Doctor- Because its making it difficult for me to examine you.

    Man 1- Does your wife smoke after intercourse?

    Man 2- I dont know- I never looked.

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  21. Richie, I’ve started the Jericho series as well annnnd have watched “gone baby gone” 2 more times lol… off season sucks… I was up in your area this weekend for my birthday.. wish I would have known your number we could have had a beer or 3. Miss you guys

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