On one hand….

…the game did end before midnight.

On the other hand, I didn’t go to bed until 3 AM because…

2008 ALDS

I was at the game.

I checked Craigslist at 3:30 just for the heck of it…and see that someone is selling 3 seats for a reasonable price.  I call the guy, and he still has them.  I figured if I could get one person to commit, I’d take the tickets and worry about a 3rd person later.  Leave 3 messages, get a live person on the 4th call.  The guy commits, so I call the seller back.  Just as I’m about to say “I’ll take them”, I get an email from my friend that he forgot about his kid’s soccer practice, and he can’t go.  So I tell the seller I’ll call back.

Talk to 2 other guys, and both reluctantly decline…I’m about to give up, when the 3rd message I left calls me back and tells me he’s in.  I call the seller, tell him I’ll take them…when he informs me that I have to drive to Winsted, CT to pick up the tickets.  So I leave my office in Bloomfield, CT at 4:10 and drive up there.  I get to the seller’s work at 4:55, and realize something terrible.

I left my wallet on my desk at work.

Suddenly I remember that I have a checkbook in my glove compartment (a minor miracle in itself; I rarely write checks), so I figure I’ll give it a shot.  I go see the guy, and tell him I’m really sorry, but I forgot my wallet…would he take a check?  I would have totally understood if he said no…then I get the idea to log into my online banking on his computer so he can see the check is good.  This works for him, I write a check, and have to now double back to Bloomfield to get my wallet.  My friend meets me in Tolland, CT and we head up to the game.  His brother lives in Boston, and he’s taking the 3rd ticket.

My friend takes the most roundabout route I’ve ever seen to get to Fenway, and we have a helluva time finding parking.  We eventually park in the Worchester area and get into the park about 5 minutes before first pitch.  Seats weren’t great (last row in Secton 4), but hey…we were in the park, and that’s all that matters, right?

Here’s the route:

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If you need me, I’ll be sleeping until Friday night.

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  1. I can remember back in 2005 posting in here about who the Red Sox selected in the draft and was told by the Czech-chaser that being concerned about draft picks was a waste of time. He said that very, very, few of them ever make it to the major leagues. Well now we have Ellsbury, Pedroia, Lowrie, Masterson, Bowden, and Bard . Had Murphy, Moss, and Hansen. Next year Lars Anderson.
    Here is an excellent, long article on why the Sox farm system has been so successful since 2001.

  2. How many of you would go beserk if Ortiz was benched so that Drew can dh and Crisp plays, you know, someone who actually is hitting right now. It’s time to stop kissing Beckett, Ortiz asses, and play/pitch guys who are producing, or better yet, are hungry to play. Byrd should have pitched in the 5th last game, instead Tito thinks it was the AL All-Star Game and wanted to save him for the mythical 13th and 14th innings….

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  3. Sox lineup for today

    1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
    2 .Dustin Pedroia, 2B
    3. David Ortiz, DH
    4. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
    5. J.D. Drew, RF
    6. Jason Bay, LF
    7. Mark Kotsay, 1B
    8. Jason Varitek, C
    9. Alex Cora, SS
    — Jon Lester, SP

  4. It’s just a loss, and it is, but here’s what has to happen for the sox and its manager. The only way to get GeriatricTek from the lineup is by throwing Wakefield, because the team just doesn’t get that Tek’s worthless lefty bat (righty ain’t much better) and his costly passed balls are killing them. And let’s not forget the 0Fer Tag Team of Jacoforfour Ellsburythesox and his buddy Jeremy Giambitiz. Then Tito must see that Cora get his PT at the expense of Lowrie. Coco has a great game and can’t get the start the next game because it’s just too hard for Francona to see that his DH has turned into a Fat Pumpkin. Yes, the Sox got bombed, but the tone was set early by crappy lineup matchups that had 2nd and 3rd and Swinging at Leaves followed by I’m Not Joey Cora, and the inning before with Ortiz and his predictable called K’s (oh, I love that he walks, so that he has now become Bonds without power or without average). The team used Byrd in mop-up. I would have rather seen him in a key situation in relief. Before everyone throws Paul under a bus, this was a classic mopup situation and is a no win for a pitcher. Timlin was better suited for today, not the other night. The Sox aren’ t hitting and it’s pretty much the same 3 or 4 guys who aren’t hitting, and you have to make changes to survive. Crisp deserves to start tomorrow. Ortiz deserves to sit with Tek. Go Sox!

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  5. Uggggh!

    I almost agree with cater.

    Need to shake this stale line-up up.

    I certainly agree on Tek…….all the hoopla made about his defense and game-calling abilities…..sheesh…how many passed balls this post?…anemic bat…cant even get a man in from 3rd…all he had to do was hit the ball to the right side….I mean, c’mon. Sox need to explore the catching market in the off season. You know Farrell will be a manager somewhere after the season ends…..Tek should become the Sox pitching coach and be groomed to be Tito’s eventual replacement.

    Lester is a different pitcher when he struggles to get first pitch strikes eh.

    Keep Ells in, but bat him 9th.

  6. did anyone else catch the backhanded comment made by Buck Martinez about “defensive catchers”? Very little offensively, but they are irreplaceable behind the plate, something that Boston fans have come to count on with Varitek….or something along those lines. Pretty funny how it came out, but goddamn, is he awful!

    It is ri-goddamned-diculous that Ellsbury flies out to all points in the outfield, followed by a Pedroia double, followed by an Ortiz K, and a Youk single, and then a (insert role player here) ground out/fly out to end the “threat”.


    What’s the worst that’s going to happen? We get beat 9-1?

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