Can a game end before midnight, please?

And can TBS hire some more ad salesmen before 2009?  As far as I can tell, besides the in-house FrankTV ads, they only sold the following:

  1. Cal Ripken “Snake Eyyyessss”
  2. Viagra
  3. Captain Morgan

With an 8:37 start time tonight, I’m guessing tonight isn’t the night for pre-midnight.  Here’s hoping for no more Sox playoff games until Friday night.

4 thoughts on “Can a game end before midnight, please?”

  1. Wow, what a round-about way to drive to Fenway, it looks like you drove 200 mi. to go 120 miles the way the crow would have flyed. You should have stopped in Framingham to pick up Lou Merloni.
    Just wondering, whatever happened to Jackie McMullen of the Globe. I always liked her columns. Good column today on Tito.

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