Welcome to Soxtober, baby!

Fresh up from a 2 hour nap, and it’s time for some playoff baseball.

Based on his Game 1 performance in Chicago, methinks we’re going to miss Manny just a little bit. ¬†Hopefully, it isn’t fatal.

See you in PSF chat!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Soxtober, baby!”

  1. Regarding the Ortiz-Ramirez segment of the “murdurers’ row”, one half of it is in LA, the other half is either injured or going over the hill. Like the way all 25 players are playing as one and scrapping it out now. Pitching has been great. Best defense and speed on the bases that I have ever seen on a Red Sox team. Francona managed perfectly last night. During season, he seems to focus on the big picture more than the game at hand.

  2. This playoff run is as much about the team’s leadoff hitter as any ever. Ellsbury put on a clinic and has hit the ball as well as he’s ever hit over the last few weeks of the season. He’s a game-changer. But Lester pitched perhaps the best playoff game I’ve seen in person of any playoffs I’ve ever attended for a Sox pitcher. He reminded me of a left-handed Rocket in his prime. Bay needs to bat 5th or 4th, enough of this 6th crap.
    Go Sox!!!

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