To the Sox chances for the East, and to Paul Newman. ┬áIn his honor, on this rainy Saturday I think I’ll pop in my Road to Perdition DVD…I know at least one regular who may be doing the same.

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  1. Bravo on the ceremony for Pesky! well deserved.. classy. A life long soxer. I remember one of the most emotional moments for me in 04 when we finally won it, was watching the reaction of pesky… Nice move sox…. thank you..

  2. Read the article first that was in LA Times

    The source for this article is

    So Manny was unhappy from the start because of the environment and the lack of privacy in Boston. Then he says that he would like to be a Yankee someday. Then he got his wish, he was put on waivers. Then they tried to trade him for ARod. Then yr after yr they tried to trade him. He was unhappy in Boston and the FO tried to accomodate his wishes. In 2003, Bill James was given a list of 80 examples on non-hustle and Manny accounted fo 40 of them. So the FO tried to make Manny happy and couldn’t do so, he was too expensive for most teams. But they tried. So why all the blame that I hear concerning the “evil FO”. The media could see that he was a malcontent, was unhappy, did not hustle, was self centered, and called him out for it, especially CHB. But no the media wasn’t being objective and truthful, no they were on a witch hunt, being vindictive. Manny did not want any apologists covering up for his dislike for the Boston environment, no cover up was necessary, after all he told Pedro on arrival “I don’t like it here, I want out”. So let’s flush down the toilet all of the hyperbole from the apologists that this was the evil doings of the FO and the media, it just isn’t so. It doesn’t wash.

  3. I could not possibly care less… Fuck Manny, I mean.. at this point, why are we talking about Manny???I dont give a flying fuk what the LA Times thinks about it.

    Game on boys, sox are in the ALDS.. BELIEVE

  4. Yeah; I’m sure the Sox won’t miss Manny in the playoffs with the murderer’s row they will be putting out there. Can they win without him? Sure they can…but I’d sure like to have him batting 4th in October.

    But Bo’s right. He’s gone, and it’s time to win it with what they have. I’m a huge Manny fan, but even I’m not thinking about him unless the Sox play the Dodgers in the WS.

  5. My favorite Newman movie was Cool Hand Luke, but I always enjoyed his role in Slap Shot…”scouts???….” My Newman Top 5 roles are:
    1. Cool Hand Luke, “shaking the bush, boss”
    2. The Hustler, scary sad his initial falling apart scene in losing to Fats (Gleason)
    3. The Verdict, powerful job
    4. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, great one-liners throughout
    5. Road to Perdition…who would have thought he would be a great villain…great way to end his movie career (yes, i know he was a voice in a cartoon movie)
    HM–Somebody Up There Likes Me, Hud, Drowning Pool
    anyway you want to hate/slap/rip Manny, he won 2 WS titles here and in so many big games he had great 8th,9th inning at bats…In a regular season game in 2003, he hits a tying homer v. Foulke’s A’s in the 9th inn in a game that might have sent them back in the WC chase. It was a late-season game in Oakland. I’ll never forget that dinger because the team was dead in the water about to be swept in that series. He was/is clutch…and he did quit on Sox in his final days.

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  6. I don’t hate Manny, although I have little respect for him for what he did to his team mates in his last days. My point was, why are we talking about Manny now? who cares. Lets talk about the angels, Beckett, etc. Talk about Manny if and when we meet up with him in the post season.

  7. Off topic……… Why did the Chisox get home field for this one game playoff. Twins had them head to head this season…. At any rate Im looking forward to watching that game tonight. NOT looking forward to the West coast late night games… Rest up guys…. Someone get benji some no doze

  8. Bo; the Twins only won the season series as of last Thursday…they did the coin flip for these scenarios a while ago.

    Wednesday is going to suck, as I am getting up at 4:30 AM on Thursday to go fishing.

    Cater; one very underrated Newman movie IMHO is “Nobody’s Fool”. An excellent movie; and absolutely NAILS what it is like to live in an upstate/central NY town.

  9. ty for the info timmy, that one was bothering me.

    You have me beat on Thursday… I have to be up at 5. Here’s hoping for NO EXTRA INNINGS

    Nobody’s fool is indeed a great flick

  10. I think I read somewhere that Bruce Willis took a small role in Nobody’s Fool just so he could work with Newman. In some ways it was fitting that it was Hanks who worked with Newman in Perdition because really Hanks is more of the throw-back actor, the kind that was produced during Newman’s early, middle career. All the great ones are too old now–Nicholson, Pacino, DeNiro. Seems to be that it’s the character actors today that are the best–Tom Wilkinson, Paul Giamatti, Ed Harris. I like Viggo Mortenson…But it’s slim pickens because Ed Norton, Guy Pearce, who I thought were really good early on SOLD OUT. Still, I find myself much more entertained by Brando, Holden, Eastwood, Nicholson, DeNiro, Duvall, Cary Grant, Wayne, Stewart, Cooper, and Gregory Peck much more than what’s been out there the past 20 years. There are better actresses now than 20 years ago in my opinion…they are getting better roles, thus you see better performances. Cate Blanchett is today’s Meryl Streep, and today’s Meryl Streep is still better than today’s overrated Swanks, Hathaways, etc…

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  11. We will no longer wonder why you prefer not to watch the Red Sox on tv as much as a true fan would. Now we know why. You are a movie fanatic instead. So, it makes it all understandible, there are not enough hours in the day for you to do both. What you do in your leisure is of no concern to me. Your baseball comments ( such as “Tek has to work on his swing”) will continue to be taken with a grain of salt.

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