Mission 1 accomplished

And that would be to make the playoffs.  Hats off to the fellas for achieving that goal.

Mission 2 is next, and not exactly necessary…that is win the division.  Not very likely in my opinion.

I’m sure you all can figure out what the next 3 missions after that would be.

And this is going to seems strange from this space; but a tip of the cap to the Yankees for their incredible run of making the playoffs.  Those pricks were in post season every year since my senior year in college.

14 thoughts on “Mission 1 accomplished”

  1. In the spirit of applauding the Yankees, I have this which was posted by Firefligh whom many of you know is one of the most articulate, learned posters on numerous Red Sox forums. She definitely has a way with words and on this topic, I wholeheartedly agree with her. She gives credit here to Derek Jeter which is well deserved.

    Title: Derek vs Manny
    Post by: Firefligh24 on July 28, 2008, 08:37:24 PM

    blah blah blah blah blah.

  2. Fuck Jeter, fuck the Yankees, and fuck that Piece of Shit Stadium…Oh yeah, way to delete Joe Torre and Rocket Clemens from the stadium goodbyes. Didn’t realize the old Soviet Union is alive in well in New York.
    a real Sox Fan…and no Bob Ryan, I don’t have to respect those assholes

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  3. If the legendary ‘Firefly’ (whoever the F they are) wants to come over here and post their thoughts, they are more than welcome to. In the meantime, while they don’t deem PSF.com hoity-toity enough to grace us with their thoughts, please post links to their drivel instead of copying and pasting someone’s thoughts into here.

    and cater; Torre being left out is criminal. Clemens; not so much. What exactly makes him a great Yankee?

    Although the fact that they had Boggs there is a flippin’ joke.

  4. Cater, are you being sarcastic about Petrocelli being honored? Do you not like or honor Pesky. Please expose your full, sincere preference or prejudice, you owe that to the psf forum. No more phony games with us, OK???

  5. Hey, what happened to PSF chat? Where is Rich, Waldo, and ChrisHouse, and PSF, who were here all day long Monday thru Friday? I miss them. The Red Sox are doing really good this year. Miss the Bingo drunken stupors and the Cater rants. Where is the enabler Bo? The pricks DCMissile, Crab, and Pesky? If nobody can get up for this team then it is time to go to the rest home. The Patriots suck this year so you might as well enjoy the baseball playoffs. The Sox are not good enough to go all the way this time but I will enjoy and respect their effort no less than 2004 and 2007. OGRS. Rich, how you been, my thanks to you for being the caretaker of the room in the absence of PSF who has been on the DL for two years. Waldo, please thank the Financial Corporations for ruined the US economy, Greed, Greed, Greed,

  6. vero beached whale,
    I am as sincere as you’re a quality chatter.
    Rico Petrocelli 40 hr, 97 rbi 1969, 29 hr, 103 rbi, 1970, 28, 89 rbi, 1971
    hit .308 in the 75 WS…homered in the clinching win v. A’s in 75…played his whole career as a Sox, a tremendous fielder at both shortstop and third base.
    …wore No. 6…..and few fans even on this board know who he is….a great Italian and one of my all-time favorite Sox…Pesky is a hell of a guy, fine player back in the day, but if we’re going to retire his number, then retire Evans No. 24, and retire Rice No. 14, and retire Wakes No. 49…because the pandora’s box was opened up by the Sox.

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  7. I’ve had a silly little thing called a ‘day job’ that keeps me pretty busy. It isn’t like my last job where I could chat non stop. And since my wife works nights, it is pretty rude to sit in the living room with a laptop while chatting and watching a game.

    Really ballsy to give ME shit about not being around, when I provide this forum and chat for your enjoyment on my dime.

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