Another kick in the pants by the Rays

How many people have been saying to you that there is no way the Rays can hold on?  I have friends who have been saying this since May, and nobody has believed me when I say that I think they can.  “The starting pitching will hit a wall”…”They don’t have the experience in September pressure situations”…blah, blah, blah.

They CAN hold on, and there is a good chance that they WILL.  Either way the Sox will make the playoffs…but despite having the Angels number in the post the past few years, I don’t think I want to find out in the first round.  So here’s hoping they take the rubber match today, and leave that horrible dome in a virtual tie for 1st in the division.

6 thoughts on “Another kick in the pants by the Rays”

  1. I realize a loss is a loss, but, the one run losses are crushing… Far too many this year. TB is the real deal… not a fluke… On a different note.. I enjoy the early release of the 09 schedule, I already booked my room for Baltimore for August 09. and at a nice rate And no big surprise, Days inn is almost booked already.. GO SOX

  2. LMFAO at porto…that’s exactly what my brother said, almost verbatim…Schilling is quite an enigma. He even says “i’m not the guy who should be saying this” and then he just goes ahead and says it. As one of my Celtic friends said so perfectly, only Curt Schilling can make an alleged rapist seem sympathic (Kobe Bryant)….I love the guy for his WS titles, fantastic pitching efforts, guts, and even his Dback days v. Yankees, but it’s time Curt indeed follow the porto post….

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