Camden Yards, the Red Sox vacation home

When they say Fenway South, they ain’t kidding.  The reaction as heard on TV when Manny hit his 500th was unbelievable; I can imagine what it was like for those who were there.

For those who have not made the trek to Camden Yards for a Sox/O’s game, I cannot recommend it enough.  Longtime participants have been a few times; yours truly even organized a couple of pretty big outings there in 2004 and 2005 (big enough where the O’s still call me every spring!)

Baltimore is a great place for a getaway..whether it be for the weekend, or just a couple of warm days during the week.  With kids, or without.  Lots of great stuff to do; even if you DON’T get to Camden Yards…although it really is a great place to see a game.

If you do go to Charm City for a trip, be sure not to miss the Fell’s Point and Federal Hill areas…don’t confine yourself to the Inner Harbor.  It is all fairly close, and it is all worth the effort.

And be sure to visit Salt, voted best new restaurant in Baltimore in 2006!

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  1. Best Overall Crabhouse Food
    Captain Harvey’s Crab House
    All Baltimore crabhouses serve an array of crab specialties other than steamed crabs; oftentimes, the level of cooking’s not very high. That’s why it’s great to know about Captain Harvey’s, northwest of Baltimore in Owings Mills–for it has the strongest kitchen of any crabhouse I’ve tried. Most places have two kinds of crab soup: boring and more boring. Here, they soar. Shrimp and hard-shell crab are both stuffed with crab, battered, fried to perfection. So is the crab fluff, also a battered thing. Every crabhouse has crab cakes, but these were the best I tasted–huge lumps of crab, just holding together, broiled or fried. Potato Salad. Onion rings. Towering, old-fashioned pies and cakes. The place is not much to look at (it actually adjoins a fancier place called Captain Harvey’s), but man is it good.

  2. YES network commentators spilled the beans on what the Manny-Youkilis altercation was about. Apparently Manny was tardy on joining the fracus on the field after Crisp got hit deliberately and Youk called out Manny for it in the dugout. Manny slapped Youk and the two were quickly seperated before it escalated. Funny, that the Boston media ( as far as I know) made no mention of it. Not that I think that they should dwell on it but in the interest of good journalism they should not have hidden the facts.

  3. Uh Dungeness Maryland Boy…WRONG!!!!!!!!!
    Manny gave it to Youks for bitching about the ump’s strike zone so often and throwing equipment. Something that I have to say is very professional of Manny and unprofessional of Youkilis. Manny is a veteran player, and for him to get into it with Youks over Kevin’s failures to control his temper should be commended. As usual, Manny the voice of reason.

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