West Coast Games Suck.

I don’t know how the psf.com European contingent does it.  This year, I haven’t even tried.  I watched most of the first inning last night and went to bed lest I get sucked in to watching the game until the end (which I probably would have).  I feel more alert today as a result.

Here’s hoping Matsuzaka isn’t too hurt…

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  1. Congratulations Manny on Home Run No. 500…The first legit 500 homer hitter since….not McGwire, not Bonds, not Sosa….Thome? or Griffey?
    Anyway, Here’s to sticking it to the Globe contingent that tried very hard to get Manny out of town. And here’s to Dan Duquette for the wrong reasons signing Manny to the mega contract thus tying the Sox eternally to Manny, making it too impossible for them to get rid of him when they wanted to (about 3 or 4 times by my count). I hope the Sox will keep him for the rest of his career, but my guess is he’s gone after this year.

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  2. Glad to hear someone in this room finally look down on players who cheated by using steroids. In my recollections over recent years the consensus in the room was “Who cares about steroids, more power to them as long as they don’t get caught. Or “We go to the ballpark to see HRs, whether they go the last 30-40 ft. based on steroids or a corked bat doesn’t matter to the fan”. The room was told by the Pied Pipers that chat about steroids was boring, and now we have no chatters because incessant gibberish about Czechs and monologue rants were not sufficient.

  3. Ummm I don’t know what room you have been in, but I don’t ever recall a “who cares as long as you don’t get caught” attitude in here regarding steroids.. I’ve had an “I’m tired of hearing it” attitude from time to time especially when it comes to the “GOSPEL” according to Curt Schilling. And yes there is incessant gibberish in here from time to time, but so what. It’s entertaining once in a while and some of the all time funniest moments in psf chat have had NOTHING to do with baseball.. We still talk baseball. Still live and die with the sox. (well at least rich and I do). I hope Cater is wrong regarding Manny being gone after this year. He’s a joy to watch even in his “Manny being Manny ” moments.

  4. [quote]Congratulations Manny on Home Run No. 500…The first legit 500 homer hitter since….not McGwire, not Bonds, not Sosa….Thome? or Griffey?[/quote]

    We may not like him very much around here, but I’d say that ARod is a pretty damned legit 500 HR hitter. Probably Frank Thomas, too.

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