Why stats aren’t everything

5-0 with a 2.43 ERA and batters are hitting .296 and slugging .281 against him.

So why am I nervous every time Matsuzaka takes the mound?

It isn’t like he’s completely wild with no control; it seems that he’s trying to be a finesse nibbler. Someone needs to tell him that we don’t need a Japanese Jon Lester; we need a Japanese Josh Beckett. Enough with the walks, already….throw strikes!

EDIT: Chat is fixed (kind of).  One change (not sure if it is temporary or permanant)…DO NOT ENTER A PASSWORD.

17 thoughts on “Why stats aren’t everything”

  1. i’m sorry, stats mean a lot, and you’re a moron. like the pitching grade stat tracker when it gave Dice-k a B+ when he allowed just 2 hits and 2 walks in 7 innings….and no runs…he’s been like this his whole brief career, it works for him. you may not like it, bartolo colon won a cy young a few years ago with the same nibble approach. he’s a great pitcher, let him pitch, and quit worrying about things you don’t have to worry about. Instead think about how ineffective the f-ing bullpen prior to Oka-Paps….now that’s something to be nervous about

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  2. I KNOW they mean a lot, I’m just pointing out that Matsuzaka isn’t pitching anywhere near as good as his stats would indicate. And it is frustrating because he IS a good pitcher; it seems that his approach is what is giving him all the walks.

  3. Let’s try this another way, as a point of perspective. Would you rather have the fan-not-so-friendly Matsusaka approach that has resulted in mostly sox wins or at least quality starts, or would you rather have former starter John Burkett and his ability to throw strikes 90 percent of the time, but get hammered every other start, or even more recent, would you rather have Schilling ’07 starts where he would nibble after getting 2 strikes because he feared getting bombs hit off him, and he imploded faster than a speeding Wasdin in the 6th inning at 3.5 pitches. My point is that you want Dice-K to be more challenging, which I don’t think he is willing to do. He had a very crappy 8 walk game the other day, and it was tough to watch, but for every one of those, he’ll throw some masterpieces. He’s been dubbed a Cy Young by a couple of magazines, and frankly he’s ahead of his pace from last season in terms of success…I happen to feel the Sox are in great shape every time he hits the mound. Beckett is nearly automatic after his horrendous 1st sox season. Dice-K is really the team’s No. 2 and has performed as well as a No. 2 can ever pitch. Wakefield has been outstanding (as usual) as a No. 3. The other guys have been pretty good at times, not so consistent. Tavarez better keep looking at the transaction wire, methinks he will be released very soon.

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  4. If it’s possible, I think Wakefield has morphed into a better version of Phil Niekro. It’s up to him if he wants to pitch to 50. In terms of consistency, I think he’s as good as he’s ever been. And yes, he will have a tough stretch, one he always encounters. But the last 2 seasons, he’s been pretty damn effective in 80 percent of his starts. His confidence level is beyond high. I think when he was yo-yoed as a reliever-starter-closer, it affected him during those seasons. Jimy killed him, and Tito/Theo resurrected him.

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  5. I also believe the pitching coach has had a drastic effect on Beckett and Wakefield if you look at his arrival in Boston and those 2 becoming much more consistent. He seems to know what to say to Wakes, which no one ever has been able to do. Lastly, how bout the way Kevin Cash has stepped up and become a better hitting Belli. Great move to release Doug for the better hitter, without losing the defense/catching.

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  6. What a bedside / friendly manner/ attitude that Cater has. Starts ouy disagreeing with someone over a minor difference in opinion over an unimportant issue, by calling PSF a moron.

  7. ” ‘I was at a funeral,’ Yogi explained. ‘And if you don’t go to theirs, they won’t go to yours,’ ” says Monbouquette, now rocking and laughing.

  8. Bartolo Colon stole the show by tossing a brilliant one-hitter in the first game of the doubleheader. Working quick with excellent command to both sides of the plate, Colon pitched six strong innings, throwing 64 pitches, 45 for strikes, as he fanned four batters, issued no walks and topped out at 95 mph. “We were all real pleased, as I’m sure everybody upstairs will be when we get these reports in,” PawSox manager Ron Johnson said of Colon’s outing.

  9. :22:23 pm [dannycater]: SF cocksuckah!
    9:23:13 pm [dannycater]: jon lester has thrown 8 innings and the globe tracker has him at B+
    9:23:27 pm [dannycater]: since you can’t get an A on it
    9:26:22 pm [chucks]: jinx LA @hole
    9:26:35 pm [dannycater]: 2 away
    9:26:42 pm [chucks]: 1 away
    9:27:06 pm [chucks]: maybe lester will be able to afford an H
    9:27:35 pm [chucks]: lester is dedicating this game to Teddy
    9:27:44 pm [dannycater]: kennedy die?
    9:27:51 pm [chucks]: no
    9:28:00 pm [chucks]: tough call there
    9:28:06 pm [dannycater]: #$%^&*
    9:28:10 pm [dannycater]: that was a strike
    9:28:25 pm [dannycater]: `2-2
    9:28:28 pm [dannycater]: the drama
    9:28:35 pm [dannycater]: i’m getting excited
    9:28:39 pm [dannycater]: this is better than the super bowl
    9:29:04 pm [dannycater]: 1 away
    9:29:10 pm [chucks]: my colonoscopy was better than the SB
    9:29:49 pm [dannycater]: makes you forget about rocket
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    9:30:25 pm [dannycater]: UGH
    9:30:33 pm [dannycater]: bruce hurst is ws mvp
    9:30:54 pm [dannycater]: congratulations 1986 red sox
    9:30:58 pm [chucks]: what, espn?
    9:31:06 pm [chucks]: sweet
    9:31:20 pm [chucks]: Orsillo shows a little more emotion than his Nomo call
    9:31:25 pm [dannycater]: yyyyyy
    9:32:03 pm [dannycater]: no hitterr
    9:32:11 pm [chucks]: see the replay of injun’s catch?
    9:32:21 pm [bosoxfan]: wow
    9:32:33 pm [chucks]: early in game, but a nice one in the ctr-rf gap
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    9:34:11 pm [bosoxfan]: yep
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    9:34:46 pm [chucks]: what was going through your mind
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