Hello…remember me?

I’m the guy that started this site 5 years ago.  Since then we’ve seen a nut-crushing defeat in the ALCS, followed by a magical and improbable path to the Sox first World Series in 86 years.  And then 3 years later, they did it again.  So here we are; fans of of the current World Series champions.  And has been said in the infrequent offseason posts…it has been one of the more boring baseball offseasons in a long time.  When the most exciting story is Roger Clemens lying in front of Congress…well, that isn’t good.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure am ready for some baseball to start up.  I never did care much about Spring Training, so it will be the end of this month before I really start to care.   Hopefully that will mean things will pick up a bit around here…it sure has been a ghost town.

18 thoughts on “Hello…remember me?”

  1. At last I got broadband and I will be able to watch the Sox (and every other game in MLB) for $119.95. Not too bad I guess.

    After 22 years of radio and gameday it’s a dream come true. But the comments of the room wil be always with me.
    Looking forward to keep beating on the Yankees and bring home another World Series!

    Let’s go Sox!

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  2. Good to see you back on campus, PSF. I am looking forward to my scrappy little Yankee team taking on the juggernaut World Series champions this year. I just hope that they can have the same success that my scrappy little SUPER BOWL CHAMPION New York Football Giants had against the most disappointing 18-1 team in NFL history. See you all in a few weeks, once my Tar Heels win the national championship (SO GOOD to shut up the silly little Duke faithful).

  3. Torre,

    Hughes sure looked like the real deal the other day. The Yankees will be a force if that young pitching blossoms anywhere near what is hoped for.

    Still like the Sox chances of repeating either way.

  4. When I had sex with Ashley Judd years ago I became almost as complacent as all of us spoiled bastards. Before when we were just a bunch of lowly sox fans with a team to love and ;oathe, now we have reverted to being content and fat, well not me. i had sex with Ashley Judd I’ll never get fat.

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  5. Dewey, the room has never recovered since MBF’s Czech ran off with the tailor. He was devastated and hung up his chat shoes. On top of that, Rich learned how to master the piano and is on a worldwide tour with the London Philharmonic. Will PSF chat survive? Only the “Shadow” knows.

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