So the Sox offer Crisp, Lester, Lowrie, and Masterson for Santana.  This is genius for a few reasons:

  1. Ellsbury and Buchholz are not part of the package
  2. If the Twins agree to it, it makes the Sox pitching ridiculously good for a LONG time (probably have to redo Beckett’s contract; but so what?)
  3. If the Sox DON’T land him, it drives up the price for others (read: Yankees)

Peter Gammons this morning speculated that the Sox may be hoping to drive up the price a bit (and if they land him, great), and then will turn around and try to use the same (or similar) package to get Dan Haren, who is locked up for a couple more years at more of a bargain price than what you have to pay Santana.

On a Patriots note; I’m taking a whirlwind road trip to Baltimore to see the Monday night game…I hear that’s a nice stadium down there, and I always love going to Baltimore.

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