Let’s talk about the Patriots

Since there really hasn’t been much hot stove news from the Sox, the Pats are what is big news right now.  Al Michaels made a great analogy last night when he said that for every game this season save  the Colts game, the Pats have been playing the part of the Harlem Globetrotters and the rest of the league has looked like the Washington Generals.

It really is unbelievable to watch.

I was hoping to go to bed early last night if the Pats went up big in the first half…but I stayed up to see just how many points they would score.  And to those who whine about running up the score…give me a break.  These are the pros.  Don’t suck, and you won’t get run up on.

I’ll be at my last regular season home game this year vs. the Eagles (I’m a season ticket holder, but I sold all the December games).  I’m traveling to Baltimore for the MNF game, and possibly to NY to possibly see win #16 vs. the Giants.   We’re really witnessing something special here.

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  1. Anyone else having trouble logging in to chat? I tried this morning and my system crashed, al qaeda called, and the police rented a 3rd floor apartment right next to mine.

    Maybe its me. Maybe the problem is at my end.

    – herb from Malden

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  2. Brothers and Sisters-

    I wonder if Topalov was thinking of this game during his rook ending with Kasimdzhanov at San Luis.

    It is interesting how much analysis has improved during reecent years. For instance, Chernev gives the line ..38 Rd4
    39 Kf6..Ke8
    40 Rh8+..Kd7
    41 g7

    While this may win it certainly looks unnecessarily complicated.

    Kasparov mentions analysis by Spielman giving 40 Rc7 as an improvement over 40 Rh8+. This certainly looks much more logical. There is no reason to cash in the g pawn so quickly. Alekhine, Reti & Golembek don’t comment on this line.

    Warmest regards,
    herb from Malden

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  4. Well….last night was a “cold shower” of reality eh? Pats lucky to win a game that they were outplayed in….only one dumb ass call and even stupider pass kept the boys from going down, at home, to a team they wanted to “send a message to on the field of play”. So much for the “invincible” tag. Let’s see how the boys respond next week in Baltimore.

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