With the baseball season now over and work winding down a little bit, I took the time to dig out the archives (both users and posts) and try to merge ’em all together into a new site format. I’m now going to use WordPress to power the site, and I was able to translate most of the old posts from the site’s beginning in 2003; as well as most of the users.

If you signed up since the crash of this summer, your username/password should be the same…the only thing I updated was your join date if you were around before the crash.

Flashchat is still here; you need to be logged into the site to get in there. One thing that is fixed is if you are logged into the site, you won’t need to re-enter your chat credentials.

This is by no means the final design; formatting is low down on my list of things to get right..but it is functional, and it is pretty cool that we have all the old posts back.

If you are having trouble logging in, the username might be case sensitive. Shoot me an email if you are having problems.

11/7 update

I’m leaning towards this as the site design…I might add a feature or two, but I think this might be where we end up.  Too bad I lost every post from late 2005 until July 2007…

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