Slowly but surely…

…people are trickling back.

I’ve not done anything except get the chat working, and set up a newsfeeder (that doesn’t seem to automatically update). I hope to have a little time today to add some stuff. This CMS is completely new to me, so you’ll have to bear with me. But at least the chat works, right?

Tough loss for the Sox last night; I wonder when the last time a team has won/lost a 1-0 game on back to back nights? And a complete game by Beckett at that. Hard to believe that was the same Carmona who melted down as a closer vs. the Sox in 2006. We could be witnessing a playoff preview in this series…

Anyway, if you are having problems creating an account, logging in, etc…drop me a line at admin AT psfwebhost DOT com.

EDIT: I installed a new way for the chat to connect to the server (supposed to be faster than the old way) and it kicked out anyone who was there. Do me a favor and leave a comment in this post if you are having chat problems.

One thing I noticed is that it does NOT pass along your username/password automatically…looking into that.

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