One out of four…

…ain't great.  In fact, it stinks.

Thursday was a winnable game…no thanks to Trot's bonehead move and
that wench Mother Nature.  Saturday just turned into a bloodbath
after the great catch of Ortiz' homer.  And Sunday, which I'm glad
I did not stay for, sounded on the radio like a few guys got an early
start to the All Star break.

The trip to Baltimore, as always, was great.  If I didn't get
around to say hello, I'm sorry.  It seemed like besides the final
score and the heat, a good time was had by all.  Oh; and to the
guy sitting right behind us…"Ma Ma" might be the most moronic
derogatory nickname for Manny that I've ever heard.  And I find it
amusing that you spent the whole game busting on his long pants, but
didn't seem to notice that while you were professing your man-love for
Larry Bigbie….his pants were the same length as Manny's.

We got a small bit of pub in the Hartford Courant
on Saturday….not sure how that happened, but read to the end of the
article.  I suspect Mr. Post's son, who came to a couple of games
with us last year and is a friend of my uncle's, heavily influenced
this column.  Thanks for the mention!


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