Random Thoughts

  • Granted, it has been only a few games, but I'm all for Millar
    getting seriously reduced playing time and Olerud starting the majority
    of the games.  The guy can still hit, and even if he approaches
    Millar's awful offensive numbers, he's still worth it to have in the
    field.  Why does Millar get a free pass?  Certain 'fan' sites
    and talk radio nitwits were ready to run Renteria out of town before
    the last road trip, yet Millar, who has been absolutely putrid, gets a
    free pass.  I don't get it.
  • Wade Miller has looked like a great pickup thus far; one awful
    game but a nice rebound last night.  This is going to be a huge
    factor.  Before the season, I was hoping for a solid Schilling,
    and any decent performance we got from Miller would have been
    bonus.  At this point, those hopes are now reversed.
  • How fantastic has Timlin been? 
  • I recieved as a gift The Luckiest Man, and even though it is
    about a Yankee (my daughter, upon seeing a Yankee hat on the cover,
    immediately started booing, bless her little heart), it is very
    good.  I'm just about finished with it.

That's about all I have for now…


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