In honor of Limerick Day

Today is Limerick Day, so to honor that, I give you the following:

There once was a closer named Foulke
Balls hit off him left trails of smoke
This time the Captain stepped in
The Faithful left with a grin
But his ERA is still quite a joke

Are we reaching the part where we are really concerned about Foulke
yet?  For some reason, I'm STILL not terribly worried..but that
was frustrating.

On a related note, weekday day games at Fenway are for the birds if you
are traveling from out of town.  I'm not going to any more of
them, they almost aren't worth the hassle.

The Riverside T stop appeard to be full just after 11 AM, so we drove
in.  Parking too far away wasn't an option as I had a 4 year old
and an 80 year old.  So I ended up on Beacon in Brookline on the
street, not TOO bad a walk.  We still got to the park in time.

Leaving, however, is another issue.  I'm usually in my driveway
about 2 hours after last pitch.  Yesterday, it took me over 4.

On another note, do Yankee fans this year feel like Sox fans usually
do?  They go on a pretty hot streak (granted against some not very
good teams), but cannot gain any ground because the Sox are just as
hot, if not hotter.  And while the Yanks are winning, they aren't
doing so impressively.  What did Pavano give up; 5 runs before he
gave up an out yesterday?  I'll take that…


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