Remember when…

I used to post frequently?  Man, have I become lazy.

I didn't see either game Sunday, but I listened…and am encouraged by
Wade Miller.  I'm thinking at this point that the Sox will never
have to worry about which starter has to go to the pen when all 6 of
them are healthy…because I wonder if that is ever going to be the

Like everybody else watching/listening, I'm curious about the use of
Cla Merideth.  If I'm not mistaken, he hadn't given up a run all
year in AA and his one AAA game?  And you bring this young rookie
into a game where he has a chance to fail HUGE?  And he
DOES?  Hope that kid is mentally tough…

Boy, that book and media tour sure has been a distraction for Damon,
eh?  I seem to recall some radio and newspaper nitwits talking
about how all this would be a huge distraction for him.  Hey,
fellas…last time I checked he is hitting .373 and on a pace for 250+
hits.  Granted, chances are that pace won't last…but I think
they can put the distraction bit away.

The practical joker in the Sox dugout needs to take the 'hit me' sign off of Manny's back.  Seriously.  Please.

I'll be attending the A's series finale tomorrow afternoon with my 4
year old daughter in tow.  It will be her second time at Fenway;
the first time she was not even 3 months old so she didn't get much out
of it.  I've been prepping her at AA games for a couple of years
now; hopefully she's ready for the Show.


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