Since I posted that comment..

Arod went on a little tear, eh?  Nice to see him reverting back to
the norm; putting up huge numbers while the team doesn't do so
well.  And I wonder if Randy Johnson has a clause in his contract
to trade him to a contender at the break?

Kidding aside, I was talking with my father in law yesterday, and I had
an idea.  We were talking about how rumors were flying that if
Houston continues to flounder, Clemens could end up on one of the teams
in New York, or even in Boston.  And personally, I find the idea
of this repugnant.  Not because it is Clemens; but because the 3
teams with the highest payroll by far will just be able to pluck a high
priced player from someone else to try to improve their team.

Maybe there should be a rule…if your payroll exceeds a certain
threshold, you don't get to trade for certain players (i.e. big ticket,
high salary players).  If you spend 110, 125, 220 million a year,
you go to war with the team you assembled…none of this picking up an
18 million dollar pitcher via trade because your high priced team just
isn't good enough.

What do you all think?

On a side note, if you are in the market for a new television, I can't
recommend an HDTV capable unit enough.  Baseball in high
definition is UNBELIEVABLE.  Turns out I not only get Sox games,
but other random games as well.  This weekend, not counting
Mets/Nats on ESPNHD last night, I got the Yanks on Saturday and
Diamondbacks/Padres yesterday.  There might be more as well; I'll
have to check the listings.


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