…losing 2 in a row to the Devil Rays would be depressing.  But
what the heck; the Sox are the defending World Champs, and they were
close games.  I hope that Schilling will come around, and it looks
like Ortiz is showing signs of breaking out of his doldrums. 
Regarding Ortiz; and I can't be bothered to look this up right now, but
isn't he a slow starter in general?  And he's still not doing too

As for our friends to our south, Dom Amore, the Hartford Courant Yankee
beat writer, had this little tidbit in his Yankee notebook column this


Next Sunday is Bat Day at Yankee Stadium. Fans 14 and under will receive an Alex Rodriguez model bat.

But this is strictly a souvenir. It's not recommended for use with runners in scoring position.

That is some funny stuff.  I nearly choked on my eggs.


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