Opening Day Festivities

Wow. That was something else. Got a little dusty in the bleachers; especially when the rings were brought out by the servicement. Some comments:

  • The nice receptions for Lowe and Roberts, the booing of Mendoza that you couldn’t really hear on TV, and the one by one of Pesky going down the line that I was not aware of until I saw it on tv. Great.
  • While it was GREAT to see the current players mingle with the past players as the banner was raised; that song was terribly freaking lame. Awful.
  • The merciliess booing of everything Yankee; and then the standing O for Rivera when he was introduced was PRICELESS. He even seemed to get a kick out of it, and the definitely paused for effect. Good stuff.
  • Nice touch with the Boston Championship legends throwing out the first pitch. And the flyover was timed perfectly.
  • What can I say about the game? Doug is a stud who hits bombs; and the mocking cheer of ARod when he cleanly fielded a ball was hilarious.


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