A bit dusty in here…

Read this Buffalo
News story about how a young man who left this world much too soon may
have been a factor in last year's events.  No, I still don't
believe there ever was a curse, but it is a nice story:

On Easter morning 2004, at about 4 a.m., Collard had a dream that she met Sean for the first time.

"I saw him and I said, "Sean, your mom and dad are so worried about
you, and they miss you so much.' He nodded his head, and I remember he
had a big smile on his face. It was a great smile, almost electric, the
most beautiful smile I'd ever seen. "He said, "Tell them I'm OK and
that I'm with George. They'll know what it means.' "

The dream
was so vivid, so real, that Collard bolted up in bed and shook her
husband awake to tell him. She said she hoped Galliher didn't have an
uncle or grandfather named George, because it would freak her out.

A week later, when both families were back in Western New York, Collard
called the Gallihers to tell them about her dream. They had never met
in person. She got Marcy, Sean's mother, on the phone.

" "I
know this sounds crazy,' " Collard said. " "I don't want people
thinking I'm some fruitcake. But do you have anyone named George in the
family?' "

Marcy said no. Then, to make sure, she put down the
phone and asked Sean Sr. and Ryan if they knew any George. Father and
son looked at one other and knew instantly what it meant.

"George Herman," Ryan said.

"George Herman Ruth," Sean Sr. said. "It has to be."

"Who's that?" Collard said through the phone.

"Babe Ruth," Sean Sr. said. "I'll bet he asked him to lift the curse."

"What curse?" Collard said.


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